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Although we are in the middle of August, Netflix does not falter when it comes to offering premieres and this week adds a good number of series and movies to its catalog. We will review all of them and the dates they arrive.

This first week of August Netflix has decided to help those who have vacations with numerous series and movies, almost twenty products that are added to the platforms catalog and that, without a doubt, offer a wide offer for all types of users.

Months go by and It seems that the coronavirus crisis has not affected Netflixs offer too much, just look at the series of own production and those bought from other producers that can be seen from this week, with some Spanish, such as Alta mar, but also many international and renowned, among which is the last season of The Rain .

If you want to know which premieres this week of August 3 on Netflix, here are all the news.

Sign up for Disney + and enjoy one of the broadest catalogs that exist in the streaming scene, with sagas like Star Wars or Marvel.

As usual, Netflix continues with its commitment to national productions and also with casts of well-known performers. This week we have the return of Alta mar and Ivana Baquero, Jon Kortajarena and Alejandra Onieva.

High seas returns in its third season and with many secrets still to be revealedbut especially the search for the deadly virus cabin by cabin on the cruise ship and a countdown that does not look away from all the questions that remained to be resolved from previous seasons. This series that began as a second line has been gaining in followers and will be one of the most important news of the month for many.

The High Seas arrives on Netflix on August 7, are you going to miss it?

Netflix has revealed what are its 10 most viewed original movies of all time, among which is the Spanish El hoyo. Pay attention to the titles that make up the ranking and do not miss the opportunity to see them (if you have not already done so).

Slender Man was the film adaptation of the famous creepypasta of the same name, one of the best-known horror characters who was born on an internet forum and from whom a thousand different stories have been written before making the leap to the cinema with this film.

Is horror movie It has a very classic scheme: young people from a small population begin to disappear and die. Although no one believes their stories, they think its the well-known Slender Marn who is destroying his friends and they decide to ally to fight against him. However, it is too uneven a fight.

This movie is more interesting as a first approach to Slender Man than for its quality. In case you want to see it, it premieres on August 3.

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Releases of the week on Netflix: High Seas, Slender Man and more - Checkersaga

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