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Cruising the high seas is quickly becoming the go-to choice for travelers. Accommodation, meals, and flights bundled into one with the added bonus of not having to cart luggage back and forth to airports or train stations, is the main reason why cruising is becoming a much more efficient and cheaper way of traveling.

From boarding the grand ship to finding your way around the interior,and finally to your room with endless sea views is an exciting time.

In all of this craziness, however, it is important to remember the staff is there to help you, so showing a high level of respect, as you would to anyone else, is of utmost importance, otherwise, it may land you in hot water!

At the beginning of the cruise, by law, staff will perform a muster drill in case of any emergency. Cruise Criticagrees that yes, it isn't the most ideal start to a holiday, but it is a safety measure that must be respected. If you do not attend, you will be sanctioned by the staff.

Most of the time, falling ill is out of our control but it does happen. If staff find out you are sick for any reason, they will either confine you to your room in 'quarantine', or they will tell the captain to pull in to the next port and ask you to leave.

PO Cruises suggests as with pretty much anywhere you go, bringing contraband onboard is highly illegal and can lead to serious consequences if staff find out. Of course, you are there to enjoy yourself, but it's important to abide by the rules, otherwise, you might find yourself dismissed at the next port.

This is a bit of an odd one, but it does happen. Passengers have been found to impersonate crew members, which as you can imagine, does not sit well with them. Cruise Passenger says that if found to be impersonating, a passenger is subject to a hefty fine, confinement to an onboard cell or even arrest.

No, not literally. Throwing food and other items overboard will land you in hot water with crew members. While not technically illegal, CN Travelersaysit's not good for the environment nor is it a good look to be throwing thingsoff the ship, and no one will look twice when you are thrown overboardat the next port.

This is a no-brainer. Any physical or verbal abuse towards a crew member will result in immediate dismissal from the vessel. Listen to the staff as they are there to help you and others stay safe, and if you don't agree with something, be respectful and voice your opinion in a cool, calm manner.

When cruise ships dock into port, guests disembark and explore the city; mostchoose an organized tour with an agent of the ship, but others choose to travel individually. If you are not back by the time the ship is scheduled to leave, you will be left behind.

We all love that elusive selfie and some will simply not stop until they have the best one possible. While there are many places onboard a cruise ship to take a selfie that may go viral, attempting to climb to these places is very risky. If the crew notices, you could face legal action.

There is perhaps no more romantic holiday than a cruise. However, you must remember you're in a room with a paper-thin wall and your neighbor can hear pretty much everything. If crew walk past and hear your goings on, they will knock and ask you to keep it down. Solution? Turn the shower on beforehand!

Refusing to be screened upon entering the ship is a telltale sign that you are hiding something. Even if nothing is found on your person during her screening process, refusing sends alarm bells to all crew and now they must spend the whole cruise keeping a close eye on you, per CN Traveler.

Making any kind of threat is considered grounds to have you and traveling party dismissed from the vessel. Even if you are at the bar and having a very good time, refrain from phoning in a fake threat as now they must deal with the threat procedure and with you.

Unwillingness to present travel documents, just as refusing to be screened, is nothing but alarm bells for staff. According to Cruise Critic, while you may present your documents in due course, it is just unnecessary to keep the staff and fellow passengers waiting any longer than they have to. Be a hero and be prepared.

Cruise companies organize their own tours and it may cost a little extra to go with them, but at least you know the service will be reliable and on-time. Crews do not like passengers who organize their own tours because sometimes they are unreliable and late back to the ship.

Theft onboard, just as it is on-shore, is highly illegal and will lead to you being kicked off the ship, and eventually to an arrest. There are CCTV cameras around every corner so you will be caught and dealt with by the crew until they can hand you over to the police.

Cruise liners are one way for people who are attempting to enter a country illegally. CN Traveler reported that recently, ports have tightened security and border control, but if a crew member finds out that you are attempting this highly illegal activity, border authorities will be notified of your pending arrival.

We all like to ask questions; some more than others, but crew members, whilst being there to assist you in any way they can, have many other guests to help too. Staff says that those who ask nonsense, silly questions are wasting their time. Use your common sense before asking a crew member.

Bang for your buck is arguably on the top of anyone's holiday list, whichis why cruising is quickly rising in popularity. Having everything you need in one place will do the trick but it is those guests who simply expect too much that annoys crew. If you want more, pay more. Simple.

Asking silly questions is one thing, but if you just listen to the staff when you ask questions, you and the crew will be far better off because no one likes to answer the same questions more than once. Again, staff are there for your comfort but don't abuse them and hammer them with questions.

Tipping is almost a religion in the US, in Europe it is optional and in Asia, Japan especially, it is seen as disrespectful. It all comes down to where you are cruising, however, crews do not get paid terribly well and if their service is worthy, give them a few extra dollars!

Being respectful to staff should be common sense. The staff is there to help you and they will do whatever they can to ensure you are comfortable, so treat them as you would any of your friends and who knows, there might be a few extra chocolates in your room after it is made-up!

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20 Things That Will Get Anyone In Hot Water With The Cruise Ship Staff - TheTravel

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