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Cosplay is one of life's many gifts that keeps on giving, especially when it comes to the realm of superheroes, villains, and comic-based movies. Every year we get a slew of incredible costumes from the many conventions that take place worldwide. Some cosplayers dress up for laughs while others go to great lengths to craft the most intricate outfits they possibly can.

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However, there are several cosplayers whoeither via their natural appearances or their excellent makeup skillsare capable of looking exactly like the characters they're channeling. Here are 10 of the best DC cosplays that look exactly like their characters.

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Lobo is one of DC's most violently reckless personalities, but he's so iconic that even Stan Lee labeled him his favorite DC character. While most people look like they're auditioning for a spot in KISS when they don the Lobo ensemble, California-based cosplayer Eli manages to capture the bounty hunter's true essence.

Eli's makeup is expertly done, made even more accurate by the inclusion of red contact lenses. His accessories are on point and he has Lobo's signature cigar on hand at all times. This cosplay covers all the bases and beyond, making him one of the most accurate Lobos ever.

Being Superman's cousin is no easy task, but Kara Zor-El handles it like a pro with her own equally impressive set of superpowers. Since 2015, Supergirl has been thriving in her television show after joining Arrow and The Flash in CW's own DC universe.

Even though Melissa Benoist plays the superhero on television, cosplayer Laney is such a convincing Supergirl that she could have possibly snatched the lead role for herself had she auditioned. While Kara's costume isn't the most complicated to cosplay, Laney's luscious blonde hair, well-crafted outfit and charming confidence make for one very convincing Supergirl.

Laurel Lance, better known as Black Canary, has been through the wringer on CW's Arrow. While Katie Cassidy brought her to life on the television show, cosplayer Laurel (yes, her real name is Laurel) gives the actress a run for her money.

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Aside from sharing a name with the character, Laurel the cosplayer brings her Black Canary to life with an accurate costume and the perfect accessories to match. After all, you can't channel Cassidy's Canary without the police baton and a good face mask. All that's left to find out is how good cosplayer Laurel's Canary Cry is.

Cyborg is a difficult hero to cosplay, mostly because his costume involves heavily detailed mechanical parts. When it comes to channeling Victor Stone, most people resort to pre-made bodysuits and a simple mask. However, cosplayer Daywalkerxknight takes his Cyborg to the next level.

His cosplay is comprised of several remarkable homemade pieces, including the tools and weapons that Cyborg famously uses to take on villains. Many fans have taken to the cosplayer's Instagram comments to claim that he's the best Cyborg they have ever seen. They're not wrong; the talented costume maker could hold his own within the Justice League.

Green Lantern is one of DC's most popular heroes to cosplay because there are so many of them. Ryan Reynolds already brought Hal Jordan to life in a notoriously panned film, but there may be a Green Lantern Corps movie in the works that is set to feature John Stewart. If so, we suggest that cosplayer Andrien shoots his shot with an audition.

For starters, Andrien's outfit already looks better than the one we saw in the 2011 film. He certainly has the confidence and passion to portray Stewart, which he exhibits in his cosplay photoshoots that can be found all over his Instagram.

At this point, it's borderline impossible to imagine Bane as anyone other than Tom Hardy. His iconic role as the man that broke the Bat's back in The Dark Knight Rises will go down in superhero film history. However, cosplayer Brian Cooper has no qualms about trying to out-Bane the actor.

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Brian's arms are an alarming level of muscular, which is perfect for the character he is portraying. As is the case with Cyborg, many Bane cosplayers resort to pre-made bodysuits to recreate the villain's look. Brian, on the other hand, assembles his outfits and puts his guns on full display.

Zatanna Zatara is one of the most popular DC cosplays for women despite being criminally underrated as a superhero. Zee hasn't received the live-action treatment on the big screen yet, but if she ever does, the casting department should keep Russian cosplayer Ksenia in mind for some top-notch pointers.

Ksenia skillfully captures Zatanna's sultriness with the same magical charm she exudes in the comics. Sure, the magician is long overdue for some big-screen adventures, but we can always enjoy this cosplay until a live-action Justice League Dark happens. Maybe we'll get it sooner than later if we say it backward.

By now just about anyone that has any sort of interest in movies has seen The Dark Knight and is fully aware of Heath Ledger's legendary performance. Of course, the Joker has famously been played (or voiced) by the likes of Jack Nicholson, Jared Leto, Mark Hamill, and Joaquin Phoenix. Yet, Ledger's unforgettable role stands above all others in the hearts of many fans.

One of those fans is cosplayer Alyson Tabbitha, who recreated Ledger's Joker as accurately as possible. It's mind-blowing that the person behind the wig and makeup is a female. Everything about this cosplay is shockingly perfect, even down to the outfit.

Nightwing costumes come in many shapes and forms sincetechnically speakingfans that dress up as Robin arejust inadvertently cosplaying a younger Dick Grayson. Unfortunately for Nightwing, changing his name doesn't change the fact that he was once reduced to being Batman's sidekick.

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Nightwing enthusiast Shawn makes the most of the character's multiple identities. He is known for crafting outfits based on several of the hero's looks throughout the years. Nightwing's batons are his signature weapons and Shawn pairs different versions of them with their corresponding costumes. All of his looks are well-made and are boosted by flawless face masks created by tigerstonefx.

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman will forever be one of the savings graces within the DCEU. She was a crowd-pleaser in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and her solo Wonder Woman film was adored by many.

Making another appearance on this list is Alyson Tabbitha, whose cosplay is so remarkable you might need to look twice (or maybe thrice) before realizing that it's not Gal Gadot herself. Remember that this is the same woman who can also transform herself into a carbon copy of Heath Ledger's Joker. Nevertheless, this is a more natural cosplay for Alyson since she shares several facial features with Gadot.

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