FWD Transmissions: SHE Spells Doom – Drums of Affliction – Electronic Beats

In spite of their strictly remote collaboration, each artists creative approach to the project pays deference to the mediums of the other. Where Tembo usually tries to pick sounds that capture the feeling of an original world, aiming to build his own atmospheric environment, he took his methodology one step further knowing he would be working with Udeh, by producing a piece brimming with emotionhopefully tangible enough to evoke some imagery, while also attending to his love for ethereal sounds blended with clubby percussion. Udeh, who says working with SHE Spells Doom felt like a full circle moment given her existing support for his music, took the haunting aura present in Drums of Affliction as a signal of war. Her collage magnifies this sense of violence through layers of blood red relief prints, alongside ghost-like silhouettes and point targets indicative of soldier preparation. Simultaneously, Udeh hoped to invite people into a never-ending exploration of self that highlights parts of the Black existence that most of us are not conscious of, by looking to the history of the western African kingdom of Dahomey (located within present-day southern Benin.) Scattered throughout her cover are 19th century black and white photographs and negatives of the monarchical family from the city of Allada, which was conquered by the Dahomey regime in 1724.

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FWD Transmissions: SHE Spells Doom - Drums of Affliction - Electronic Beats

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