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Rice University was one of the first universities to announce that it would limit classes after the Thanksgiving break. The Houston school is scheduled to reopen for its fall semester in August, Rice University President David Leebron said, but it will conclude in-person classes before Thanksgiving due to a possibility of a second coronavirus wave.

As we thought about it,the important thing was really to bevery flexible, very agile andvery adaptable.And that meant if we had to makequick decisions to go completelyonline, we could make a quickdecision to do that, he added.

Leebron said the university decided to also offer "dual delivery," meaning that every possible class will be taught simultaneously both in person and remotely.

The university hasnt yet worked out all the details, but Leebron said it wanted to be able to accommodate students with health conditions who are concerned about in-person classes as well as students who may have a hard time getting to campus, particularly international students.

Leebron said the coronavirus will fundamentallychange the university system in some ways.

I thinkuniversities are going to becomemore nimble, more flexible, morepersonalized for students I think it is going to makeuniversities, in that sense,better into the future, he said. But,again, I want to emphasize ourstudents made very clear theyreally do want to be back witheach other and on our campus, he said.

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Coronavirus pandemic in the US: Live updates - CNN International

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