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If anyone is having a hard time right now wondering if there is a Creator, that science erases him and proves that he isnt real You are not alone. I was there once I was in that dark abyss. I was one who once was convinced that there was no God, ridiculed others and belittled them.

These words come from Bryan, a young man who recently posted his story in response to one of our YouTube videos. Bryan began to lose his faith in God after reading books by Darwinian biologist Richard Dawkins and others. By college, he was convinced there was no God and that blind evolution explained everything.

Then he stumbled across a book by biologist Michael Denton, a Senior Fellow with Discovery Institutes Center for Science & Culture (CSC), which sponsors this website. That led him to more books and videos produced by the CSC. He says he cried and hugged Michael Behes bookDarwins Black Box,and he also cried after readingSignature in the Cellby Steve Meyer.

Vincent has a similar story. A few weeks ago, he posted this message to YouTube:

Discovery Institute made me love science again. When I was a materialist, listening to the likes of Dawkins and Dennett I became viciously nihilistic and hedonistic. Why should I learn any more science? I am hurtling towards death with no purpose quick, play all the video games and watch all the immoral videos I can! Oh how thankful I am that I dont feel that that is all I can get from life anymore.

Bryan and Vincent are just two lives changed by the work of the CSC.Will you help us change millions of additional lives in 2021 by makingan end-of-year donation?

The need for beacons of light and hope in the current darkness is critical.COVID-19 isnt our only pandemic. There is also a pandemic of loneliness and despair.

At the end of our Summer Seminars this year, a college student couldnt hold back his tears as he told us how difficult his time at a secular university has been how alone he has felt, how his professors have pushed him toward meaninglessness. You made it possible for this young man to hear a different view, and the experience transformed him.

Sometimes when the night seems the darkest, people are the most open to turning to the light. Thats why you and I have a tremendous opportunity to make such a difference in peoples lives next year, which happens to be the 25th anniversary year for the Center for Science & Culture.

By partnering with us during our 25th anniversary year, you can reach millions of people with positive evidence of a purposeful universe and human uniqueness. You can do so by supporting our key initiatives:

Unlike colleges, we dont have an endowment. We dont receive taxpayer funds. We rely instead on faithful partners like you. Together we can make our 25th anniversary year our most effective and important year ever.

Just for donating, you will receive a free 39-page digital monograph,Darwins Three Big Ideas that Impacted Humanity. Please donate now.


Blind Evolution Explained Everything - Discovery Institute

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