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If the universe began in the past, when that happened it was Now. And it trails off like the wake of a ship from Now and just as the wake fades out, so does the past. Things arent explained by what happened in the past. Theyre explained by what happens Now-Alan Watts

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Exponential technological and cultural progress have given us the opportunity to more fully realize our potential.

Speech by Jason Silva

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There are three main types of investments:

You can invest in any or all three investment types directly or indirectly by buying mutual funds. Another option is to invest in tax-deferred options, such as an IRA or annuity.

Companies sell shares of stock to raise money for start-up or growth. When you invest in stocks, youre buying a share of ownership in a corporation. Youre a shareholder.

There are two types of stock:

Investment returns and risks for both types of stocks vary, depending on factors such as the economy, political scene, the companys performance and other stock market factors.

When you buy a bond, youre lending money to a company or governmental entity, such as a city, state or nation.

Bonds are issued for a set period of time during which interest payments are made to the bondholder. The amount of these payments depends on the interest rate established by the issuer of the bond when the bond is issued. This is called a coupon rate, which can be fixed or variable. At the end of the set period of time (maturity date), the bond issuer is required to repay the par, or face value, of the bond (the original loan amount).

Bonds are considered a more stable investment compared to stocks because they usually provide a steady flow of income. But because theyre more stable, their long-term return probably will be less when compared to stocks. Bonds, however, can sometimes outperform a particular stocks rate of return.

Keep in mind that bonds are subject to a number of investment risks including credit risk, repayment risk and interest rate risk.

Cash equivalent investments protect your original investment and let you have access to your money. Examples include:

These different types of investments generally deliver a more stable rate of return. But cash equivalent investments arent designed for long-term investment goals such as retirement. After taxes are paid, the rate of return is often so low that it doesnt keep pace with inflation.

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Last Friday I had the opportunity to check out the Landmark Forum seminar. Many of you have probably heard about their work, and if you havent they are a personal development company that puts on seminars around the world.This was a three day seminar which was held between the hours of 9am and 10pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You are given two half hour breaks every 2.5 hours and then a 1.5 dinner break over the course of the 13 hour day.

My course leader was a fine gentlemen named Barry Terry from Virginia. He had supposedly been a senior trainer for a couple decades and was self-proclaimed as excellent and one of the best in his field. I was excited to take part in the event and sat down in a large hall filled with a 100 other strangers. We all sat in positive anticipating for the intellectual insight that was supposedly coming our way. And boy, were we left disappointed!

We sat in very uncomfortable chairs that were spaced very closely together. The chairs were positioned six aside in each row with a path separating the two sides where Barry Terry would attempt to mesmerize the crowd over the next couple of days. Now take in mind that this was a large hall that could have easily fit double the crowd, so there was plenty of space in this room to move the chairs around to allow for more comfort, but for some reason they thoughtplacing us shoulder to shoulder was more appropriate. It made economy seating on an airplane seem spacious. For a weekend long seminar that costs $650 for the three days you think they would provide you at least a little bit of physical comfort to help the information sink in. Their common solution to this nagging discomfort was to stand in the back corner of the room from time to time stretching out your muscle pain from their agonizing chair layout.

Top 5 Fails of Landmark Forum

1# For Fucks Sake, save your $650 and read The Power of NowandThe Biology of Belief, and mix that new knowledge withtaking responsibility for the wrongs you have made in the past by saying sorry and moving forward in life. This will run you fora grand total of $25 on ($625 worth of savings, not to mention saving you from high levels of frustration). For you brave souls out there who are now wondering about amends, well, that doesnt costs you anything but effort. Yes, I know this complex approach of reparation that is so unfamiliar to the masses, but trust me when I say IT WORKS (and often cost you nothing). Taking responsibility for the things you have done wrong in life and now apologizing for your part is an invaluable experience.

2# Instead of answering direct questions from the crowd, the fast talking forum leader consistently chose to speak around any question he was unsure of and provide a completely unhelpful answer to the crowd instead. Heaven forbid he broke his own racket of inferiority and simply stated, Im not sure, but I could find out for you when he was asked a question he couldnt earnestly answer. Now Barry Terry, I guess they dont teach about ego not being your amigo in leader training.

3# Making people speak in front of a crowd they werent comfortable with, coercing them to disclose person information to get down to the hard truths of their problematic lives, because this would solve their problems. Keep in mind we are talking about people who had been raped, recently gone bankrupt, and others who were physically/emotionally abused, life shattering trauma. Barry convinced the crowd that they were safe and the people in the course wouldnt take any of their deeply personal stories out of the room with them (no, that would never happen now, would it?). Non-dislosure agreements of course were nowhere to be seen, but a simple bold statement of trust would be all these innocent people would need to be secure (you can trust me guys, just take the blue pill, lol).

#4 This one still might be my favourite, even thoughknow how much you guys love to save a dollar or two from point #1! Now, after these paying customers divulged very scarring personal information about themselves to the crowd, Barry Terry in all his mighty arrogance would label these people as crazy and laugh at them. Claiming it was their bad or mistake for these choices they had made in front of 100 strangers. Keep in mind, some of these things could happened at a very young age with an undeveloped mind/brain, at a complete innocent state. I may not know very much in life, but one thing I do know is that forcing someone to instantly get over fears of public speaking by exposing life traumas to a crowd, while being told theircrazy from aself-proclaimed mindset leader isnt a winner formula. Fortunately for Barry Terry I wasnt one of those lucky few who got publicly lambasted or else he might have left Canada with a few missing teeth. I will admit it has been a couple years since I have taken a psychology course at the University level, but I dont ever recall reading about the benefits of public humiliation as a useful tool in behaviour change.

#5 Course leaders dominated their co-workers with what seemed to be a subservient regime. Remember that we are supposedly at a seminar where they are guiding you to a higher, better level of life, and in order to complete your pasts you need to enrol others in your bright future. It really is an incredible business model of free marketing and labor. Yet, when it came to these second-class worker-bees who did most of the work to begin with, they seemed to walkaround the room with little to no self-confidence of their own. Every few minutes looking back to the higher-ups to seek validation and direction as if they were a pack of defeated dogs looking back to their Alpha leader. It was really sad. I felt like they had drank the kool-aid and didnt even know it.

BONUS FAIL: After communicating to the course leader that I was receiving little to no value with the course on multiple occasions she finally agreed to connect with me the following Monday. I would be taken care of as she described it in her own words. This course leader preachedthe importance of integrity and willingness in our own lives, and somehow Monday turned intoThursday and I still havent heard one word from her. This was asolidifying moment for my sad experience at the Landmark Forum!

I can only hope that you trust that there are several other ways to obtain the knowledge that is so highly sought after in Landmark. Their work is hardly original and anyone who makes such a claim is participating a racket of their own!

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Zig Ziglar was the undisputed king of motivation. He was known for packing large auditoriums with raving fans. He wrote more than two dozen books on salesmanship and motivation over five decades.

He is probably mostly known, though for his message about have a positive attitude. He spread his message through stories punctuated with short quotes that became legendary among his followers.

While some would wonder what the true definition of success is, Ziglar made it crystal clear:

Success is the maximum utilization of the ability that you have.

Hey Zig is motivation permanent?

Of course motivation is not permanent. But then, neither is bathing; but it is something you should do on a regular basis.

How do you define failure:

Failure is a detour, not a dead-end street.

While most of us start our day with an alarm clock, Mr Ziglar would insist that he woke up to an opportunity clock! Furthermore, if you arent on fire when you get to work, then your wood is wet. And you have to remember that moneys not the most important thing in life, but its reasonably close to oxygen.

All of this would mean less if Ziglar had an easy life. Although you would never hear him complain about his plight, facts would suggest that things were not ideal for a young boy growing up in Yazoo City, Mississippi.

He was raised by a single parent, Hilary Hinton Ziglar, who was the 10th of 12 children. Being raised without his father was nothing you would ever hear Zig talked about. Instead he described his mother as the foremost influence on his life; she was a strict and devout woman whose mental storehouse of adages remained a cornerstone of Mr. Ziglars speeches and writings.

After Navy service at the end in World War II, he was married in 1946 to Jean Abernathy.

When I talk about her, I refer to her as the red head. When I talk to her I call her sugar baby.

Zig celebrated each day with a positive attitude. He believed it whole heartedly. He implored people that their life could change if they would change their response to the question How are you doing today? Zig would tell his followers to say

Outstanding but I am improving.

He didnt believe in cold calls, instead they were warm calls. When asked if all of this changing of words was really necessary. He would simply reply. No, you can be mediocre without it.

More bits of Ziglar wisdom:

You never judge a day by the weather!

If youre going to have to swallow a frog, you dont want to have to look at that sucker too long!

You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want

The more you gripe about your problems, the more problems you have to gripe about!

All of this homespun wisdom undeniably makes us better at what we do. One of my favorite Zig quotes about positive thinking:

Positive thinking will not help you do anything! But, it will help you do EVERYTHING better than negative thinking will.

That really explains the success of Zig Ziglar. What a great way to see the world. Although there have been other positive thinkers none of them were the supreme communicator that he was. In our NLP, Hypnosis and Sales training, we teach our students that the most powerful form of persuasion is found within stories and metaphors. Zig was the master of both Dont take our word for it, lets hear Zig tell the story like only he can.


As you already know, Zig Ziglar inspired the I.S.P.I. Mr. Ziglar taught the world about sales and the Institute for the Studies of Professional Influence will forever be in his debt.

It is with in this spirit that we have created the certified course Professional Influence. You might have already heard that our trainers will actually show you how to formulate contrast options into your specific products and services. You may already know, by now, that employers are attracted to people that are different, new and unique. Today we have overwhelming scientific proof that sales people that differentiate themselves from the crowd are more successful. They are more likely to close that sale, get that promotion and have longer lasting relationships.


Show your employer that you are deadly serious about reaching the companies goals. Increase your income and line yourself up for the next big promotion. All of this can and will be achieved when you enroll in the Professional Influence Certification Course.

Upon successful completion of this course you will become CERTIFIED! Your certification goes on the BIO page and is registered with the INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDIES OF PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCE (ISPI). As you read through this you may begin to realize that a link to this bio page can also be a powerful part of your resume.

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? If so email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . For more information about this and other certification courses simply click here.

See the rest here:Lessons from Zig Ziglar Positive Attitude

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Excerpt from:

Kathy Smith Timeless: Step Aerobics Workout

2010Selfhelp launches its internationally acclaimed Virtual Senior Center in collaboration with Microsoft, the NYC Department for the Aging and the NYC Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications. This transformational program now serves 275 seniors in six locations.

2011Selfhelp commemorates its 75th year of service. Among the many events held was Selfhelps Fourth International Conference for Professionals Working with Holocaust Survivors.

2012Selfhelp brings Witness Theater to New York, partnering with the Yeshivah of Flatbush High School. An innovative and emotional, full-year journey for Holocaust survivors and high school students, Witness Theater began in Israel by JDC-Eshel. Today five schools are participating with 11 performances and a live internet stream.

2013In collaboration with UJA-Federation and the Defiant Requiem Foundation, Selfhelp participated in bringing The Defiant RequiemVerdi at Terezn to Lincoln Center to raise funds and awareness for New Yorks Holocaust survivors in need. So successful was this event, that an encore performance took place in March, 2015.

Selfhelp expands its affordable housing portfolio to Long Island through an affiliation with the Kimmel Housing Development Foundation. Two affordable housing developments, as well as three Selfhelp programs are housed at the Westbury site.

2014Selfhelp opens its seventh affordable housing residence, featuring innovative aging services technology, a recreational green roof and an on-site health and wellness facility.

2015Unprecedented new funding from the NY City Council and the Federal Government is awarded to support the needs of Holocaust survivors. Selfhelp is a primary beneficiary.

Selfhelps Housing with Services model is internationally recognized. CEO Stuart C. Kaplan addresses the International Association of Homes and Services for the Agings International Conference in Australia.

2016Selfhelp marks its 80th year of service by opening its tenth affordable housing residence, hosting two professional conferences, and forming a Chinese Advisory Council to raise awareness of our programs serving Chinese elders. As the largest provider of comprehensive services to Holocaust survivors in North America, we remain true to our mission of serving as the last surviving relative to our historic constituency. Our broad spectrum of programs now serves 20,000 older adults throughout New York City and Nassau County.

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The scientist Charles Darwin had awakened the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche from his dogmatic slumber by the realization that, throughout organic history, no species is immutable (including our own). Pervasive change replaced eternal fixity. Going beyond Darwin, the German thinker offered an interpretation of dynamic nature that considered both the philosophical implications and theological consequences of taking the fact of biological evolution seriously.

Nietzsche was not previously oblivious to either geological time or the paleontological record. He accepted the most controversial ramification of Darwins theory: humankind had evolved from remote apelike ancestors, in a completely naturalistic way, through a process of chance and necessity (fortuitous random variations appearing in, and inevitable natural selection acting on, individuals within a changing environment). Even the mental faculties of human beings, including love and reason, were acquired during the course of evolutionary ascent from earlier primate forms.

For Nietzsche, evolution is the correct explanation for organic history but it results in a disastrous picture of reality, since evolution (as he saw it) has far-reaching truths for both scientific cosmology and philosophical anthropology: God is no longer necessary to account for either the existence of this universe or the emergence of our species from prehistoric animals. In fact, this philosopher held that Darwinian evolution led to a collapse of all traditional values, because both objective meaning and spiritual purpose had vanished from reality (and consequently, there can be no fixed or certain morality).

Nietzsche knew that the previous philosophical systems from Plato and Aristotle to Kant and Hegel were inadequate to deal with the crisis of evolution. As a result, a totally new philosophy of the world was now required. Nietzsche offered an interpretation of reality that accepted the fluidity of nature, species, ideas, beliefs and values. Furthermore, he held that it is nonsense to think that the fact of evolution can ever be taught as if it were a religion (since the process of evolution contains nothing that is stable or eternal or spiritual).

One can imagine Nietzsches tirades against the biblical fundamentalism and so-called scientific creationism that have threatened science and reason during the twentieth century. An atheist, Nietzsche would have also abhorred Stephen J. Gould for upholding an unwarranted dualistic ontology which supports both the natural world of the scientist and the transcendent realm of the theologian. Instead, as a monist, he would have admired Richard Dawkins and Daniel C. Dennett for their strictly naturalistic framework, which gives no credence to supernaturalism.

Nietzsche had assumed that the outcome of Darwinian evolution could only account for the success of inferior (weak and mediocre) forms of life simply in terms of sheer numbers, e.g., the ubiquitous viruses, bacteria, insects and fishes. The philosopher argued that Darwins blind speciesstruggle of the masses for existence needed to be replaced by his own discovery of the individual-struggle of a few for selfcreation and excellence.

Nietzsche saw the explanatory mechanism of natural selection as merely accounting for the quantity of species within organic history, but (for him) it is a vitalistic force that increases the quality of life forms throughout progressive biological evolution. He held that nature is essentially the will to power. Evolving life is not merely the Spencerian/Darwinian struggle for existence but, more importantly, it is the ongoing striving toward ever-greater complexity, diversity, multiplicity and creativity. In short, reminiscent of the interpretations offered by Lamarck and Henri Bergson (among others), Nietzsches vitalism had substituted Darwins adaptive fitness with creative power.

The philosopher held that the evolution of organisms had its origin in primordial slime, but our species now stands high and proud on the pyramid of life. Even so, he saw a natural tendency for the human animal to evolve toward common mediocrity. But, through the will to power, superior individuals have the potential to master their lives (overcoming nihilism and pessimism) and the intellect to actualize creative activity.

As with Thomas Huxley, Ernst Haeckel and Darwin himself, Nietzsche taught the historical continuity between human beings and other animals (especially the chimpanzees). However, the philosopher did assert that some individuals will rise far above the beasts, including our own species, but this will only occur in the remote future.

If our species has ascended from the fossil apes, then why should it not be followed by an even higher form of life as the ape has been surpassed by the human animal of today? According to Nietzsche, our biological species is the meaning and purpose of the earth so far, because it is the arrow pointing from the past ape to the future overman; this exalted but unimaginable being will be as intellectually advanced beyond the present human animal as our species is biologically advanced beyond the lowly worm!

For Nietzsche, the aesthetic evolutionist as sculptor, the coming overman is like an ideal image sleeping in a crude rock. In carving this superior being, the philosopher was guided by its shadow, although he remained indifferent to the destruction resulting from his intense creativity: Fragments fly from the stone; what is that to me?

Unlike the silenced priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a geopaleontologist and Jesuit mystic, Nietzsche did not foresee a final end-goal or an ultimate omega point for human evolution. Instead, his metaphysics is grounded in the eternal recurrence of this same universe, i.e., an infinite series of identical cosmic cycles. As such, there is no progressive evolution from universe to universe. Consequently, Nietzsches process cosmology represents being as becoming, and its teleological evolution to the overman within each cycle is strictly determined.

Nietzsche did not speculate on life or intelligence or exoevolution elsewhere in this universe. Furthermore, this philosopher could not have imagined mass extinctions, nanotechnology, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, and human space travel to other planets. Clearly, continuing advances in science and technology will offer awesome possibilities for neolife and overbeings in the ages ahead.

Friedrich Nietzsche had taken time, change and evolution seriously. He was acutely aware that this universe is totally indifferent to human existence. Yet, his philosophy offers an optimistic challenge for those who are willing to follow the lightning bolts of his heroic vision.

H. James Birx 2000

H. James Birx, Interpreting Evolution: Darwin & Teilhard de Chardin, Prometheus, 1991.Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra (1883-1885),Prometheus, 1993, esp. pp.13-27.Keith Ansell Pearson, Viroid Life: Perspectives on Nietzsche and the Transhuman Condition, Routledge, 1997.Peter Poellner, Nietzsche and Metaphysics, OUP, 1995.Eric Steinhart, On Nietzsche, Wadsworth, 2000.Irving M. Zeitlin, Nietzsche: A Re-examination, Polity, 1994.

Continue reading here:Nietzsche & Evolution | Issue 29 | Philosophy Now

Some of us (guilty!) are capable of putting away an entire batch of gooey,

Some of us (guilty!) are capable of putting away an entire batch of gooey, chocolatey brownies in one sitting. Hey, it happens. Present me with a tray boasting bittersweet chocolate, sugar, and butter, and Ill show up with the oven mitts, ready to dig in. So I was intrigued by this brownie recipe with a surprising secret ingredient that makes the result a little healthier: rye flour. Rye is a whole grain that may actually cause you to nibble less than traditional wheat flour, explains Health's contributing nutrition editor Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD. Research has shown that compared to wheat, rye triggers a lower insulin response, boosts post-meal fullness, and can result in naturally eating less at the following meal, she adds. (Just remember that rye is not gluten-free. If you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, rye is off the menu, says Sass.) RELATED: 13 Sugar-Free Dessert Recipes That Will Actually Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Unfortunately, even the addition of rye flour doesnt exactly transform brownies into a health food. But a single square serving of this lightened-up version of our favorite chocolate treat is actually half the calories of a brownie found at Starbucks. If youre looking for a decadent dessert option thats still nutritious, these delicious, fudgy rye brownies are the answer to all your potlucks, office parties, and housewarmings. Trust us.

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