Back to the Future: LCWR nuns and Conscious Evolution …

Card. Mller, when addressing the LCWR nuns, spoke about problems with their Faith. He was not being political. He was not picking on them as women.

Card.Mller was effectively asking them: Do you want to be Catholic?

What the nuns are into is, basically, warmed-up gnosticism. Because we really want to be living in the 2nd century rather than the 21st. We need a new Irenaeus!

Card. Mller spoke to them about how they have gotten into conscious evolution. Lets call it CE. This is pure crap, of course, and spiritually dangerous and some of these nuns are in it up to their necks.

Do you want to do a little reading around the issue?


An evolutionary spirituality is emerging, experienced as the impulse of evolution, the process of creation, the implicate order, a patterning process coming through our own hearts. It is felt as the sacred core of the evolutionary spiral, the evolving godhead arising, or even incarnating within each of us as our own impulse to co-create. It is the creator-within expressing itself uniquely through each person as a new form of social cosmogenesis. The generating power of universal evolution is guiding us toward a more synergistic, cooperative democracy.

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At the heart of Gnostic Christianity, as taught in the Sophian Tradition, is the view of Yeshua (Aramaic for Jesus) as a human being who embarked upon a spiritual or mystical journey and became Self-realized or Enlightened; hence attained Supernal or Messianic Consciousness. According to the Sophian Gospel he was not born Christ, but became Christed by the reception of teachings and initiations from his Spiritual Teachers and engaging in spiritual practice and spiritual living. It is said that Yeshua was, indeed, the incarnation of a Great Soul and that he had accomplished the divine labor of Self-realization or Enlightenment in previous lives. Nevertheless, incarnate in the world as a Light-bearer, he had to sojourn the Path to Enlightenment as any other human being. In so doing he became a living example of the Path to Self-realization or Enlightenment and was empowered to teach others how to attain Supernal or Messianic Consciousness.


This emerging human has been called by many names. Teilhard de Chardin called it the Ultra Human, orHomo progressivus, in whom the flame of expectation burns, attracted toward the future as an organism progressing toward the unknown. Sri Aurobindo, the great Indian evolutionary sage, called this the Gnostic Human, the individual in whom the Consciousness Force itself, the supramental power of universal creativity, incarnates and begins to transform the body/mind into the very cells that evolve beyond the human phase.

Others have called thisHomo noeticus, a being of gnosis or deep knowing of the Field out of which we are co-arising. OrHomo divina, as Sister Judy Cauley puts it. Or the universal human, connected through the heart to the whole of life, awakening from within by the core of the spiral of evolution. The implicate order is becoming explicate in us, turning into the essential self, animated by a passionate life-purpose to express our creativity.

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Back to the Future: LCWR nuns and Conscious Evolution ...

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