IGP insists Jho Low, 1MDB fugitives in Macau, pleads with Chinese authorities to act responsibly – Malay Mail

Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador speaks during a press conference at Bukit Aman headquarters July 10,2020. Picture by Miera Zulyana

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 5 The alleged 1MDB mastermind and other suspects in the scandal are believed to be hiding out in China, Malaysias police chief said today, urging authorities there to help hunt down the fugitives.

Billions of dollars were stolen from sovereign wealth fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad and bankrolled a global spending spree, with looted cash used to buy everything from pricey art to real estate.

Former Malaysian leader Datuk Seri Najib Razak lost power in 2018 over his involvement in the fraud and was last week convicted in a 1MDB-linked trial, but several other suspects remain at large.

The most prominent is Low Taek Jho, a bespectacled, chubby financier known for partying with Hollywood A-listers and accused of being the scandals mastermind.

Malaysian police said last week Low was believed to be hiding in the semi-autonomous Chinese city of Macau but Beijing swiftly shot down the suggestion, insisting it does not harbour foreign criminals.

However, Malaysias Inspector-General of Police Abdul Tan Sri Hamid Bador said a woman was arrested this year who had been sending documents to Low in the gambling boomtown, and authorities had concluded he was there.

He also said Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil, ex-CEO of a 1MDB unit, was believed to be in Hong Kong while another former official from the fund, Jasmine Loo, was thought to be in the Chinese city of Shenzhen.

Jho Low is almost freely conducting his business in Macau, he told AFP in an interview, and appealed for help from authorities. We want the local authorities, the police, in Macau to act responsibly.

Dont the authorities in Macau have the police instinct to assist us? he added.

Lows whereabouts have long been the subject of speculation, and he has been rumoured to be other locations including the United Arab Emirates. He has been charged in Malaysia over 1MDB, and denies wrongdoing.

Abdul Hamid also said ties with police in the southern Chinese territory of Hong Kong had deteriorated in recent years, hindering law enforcement efforts there.

Officials in Hong Kong and Macau did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The police chief said it was hard to know when he would succeed in hunting down Low, commonly known as Jho Low, and other fugitives.

As long as there is a lack of cooperation from authorities in Hong Kong or Macau... it is impossible for me to give any dates, he said.

But he added: We will never rest. We will bring them to justice. AFP

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IGP insists Jho Low, 1MDB fugitives in Macau, pleads with Chinese authorities to act responsibly - Malay Mail

India virus cases double to two million in three weeks – Macau Business

Indias official coronavirus case tally hit two million on Friday, doubling in three weeks as the pandemic sweeps into smaller cities and rural areas, with experts warning the real toll could be much higher.

A record daily jump of more than 60,000 fresh infections was recorded, according to health ministry data, making the South Asian giant only the third country to surpass the two million milestone after the United States and Brazil.

The rate of spread in the worlds second-most populous country also appears to be increasing. India logged its first one million infections by July 17 and crossed the 1.5 million mark just 12 days after that.

Official figures show the country has now recorded 2.03 million infections and 41,585 deaths.

Prime Minister Narendra Modis government imposed one of the worlds strictest lockdowns in late March.

But with Asias third-largest economy reeling from the impact tens of millions of migrant workers lost their jobs almost overnight the restrictions have been steadily eased.

Individual states and cities have been imposing localised lockdowns including IT hub Bangalore last month, the eastern state of Bihar and parts of Tamil Nadu in the south.

Previously the main hotspots have been the teeming megacities of New Delhi and Mumbai, home to some of the worlds biggest slums.

But now smaller cities and rural areas where 70 percent of Indians live have begun to see case numbers rising sharply.

Many experts say the true numbers may be much higher among Indias 1.3 billion people, many of whom live in some of the worlds most crowded cities.

Fatalities may also be higher than the official figures. Experts say that even in normal times the cause of death is not properly recorded in large numbers of cases.

A study last week that tested people for coronavirus antibodies found 57 percent in Mumbais slums have had the infection far more than official data suggests.

A similar probe earlier in July indicated that almost a quarter of people in the capital, New Delhi, have had the virus almost 40 times the official total.

In smaller cities and rural areas many people have been ignoring guidelines on social distancing and wearing masks.

Monsoon floods in recent weeks that have affected millions have also hindered efforts to fight the pandemic.

In addition, some of those infected are ostracised by their communities, leading to a stigmatisation of the virus that puts people off being tested.

A new disease with relatively high levels of complications and mortality, with accompanyingdirectives on physical distancing, inevitably leads to fears, apprehensions and stigma, said Rajib Kumar, who heads the Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health at Delhis Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Theres both the fear of the disease as well as of isolation and quarantine, Kumar told AFP.


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India virus cases double to two million in three weeks - Macau Business

Greater Bay | Shenzhen emerges as engine of Chinas tech frontier – Macau Daily Times

In the northern suburbs of tech city Shenzhen, a forest of tower cranes stand at the site of a cow farm that is being transformed into a scientific engine.Here, the Guangming Science City is taking shape. The cluster of scientific facilities and universities now lies at the heart of Chinas ambition to build the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area into a science and innovation center.According to the local government, the Guangming Science City has launched construction of 60 projects, involving total investments of 140 billion yuan (20 billion U.S. dollars).The Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, which focuses on biomedical research, is among the latest to settle in the tech park in June. So far, the lab has assembled 49 teams to carry out COVID-19 research, including on virus sequencing and antibodies, said Zhan Qimin, director of the lab.Labs and basic science facilities are also prospering in other parts of Guangdong Province, helping the manufacturing heartland in south China rise as a new destination for the countrys, even the worlds, researchers.In 2018, the China Spallation Neutron Source opened in Dongguan as a super microscope to observe the microstructure of matter. A neutrino observatory is under construction in Jiangmen City, and a high-intensity heavy-ion accelerator is being built in Huizhou City.China has been promoting joint development in the bay area, which comprises Hong Kong, Macau and nine cities in Guangdong. Last year, China issued a more specific development plan for the area. One of its major aims is to build an international innovation and technology hub.Zhong Hai, an official in charge of Shenzhens technological sector, said the construction of basic science installations will improve the overall innovation capacity of Shenzhen, which is better known for housing Chinas many tech firms like Huawei and Tencent.The construction of the innovation hub has already lured in many graduates from Hong Kong, according to Xinhua, which neighbors Shenzhen and boasts many universities.Sing Chan, who launched an e-commerce platform in Shenzhen, is busy assisting Hong Kong entrepreneurs who wish to set up their businesses on the Chinese mainland.Over half of the Hong Kong teams came to the mainland for software and engineering hardware projects, according to the young entrepreneur from Hong Kong, who has helped bring over 200 Hong Kong-invested companies and entrepreneurial teams into Shenzhen.Peter Ding, who founded a high-tech firm on robotic applications in Shenzhen, noted the bay areas manufacturing prowess, which can help high-tech firms efficiently realize their brainchild.They (tech firms) can rely on Shenzhen as a research and development center, assemble products in cities like Foshan and Dongguan and benefit from basic science research in Hong Kongs universities, Ding said. MDT/Xinhua

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Greater Bay | Shenzhen emerges as engine of Chinas tech frontier - Macau Daily Times

Hong Kong government to offer universal, voluntary coronavirus tests – Macau News

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor announced on Friday that the government will introduce a universal, voluntary coronavirus testing scheme that could cover millions of Hong Kong people.

Lam said the tests conducted with the support of the central government, can start in two weeks time.

The top officials said its time to further increase the number of coronavirus tests as she warns there could be 1,500 silent carriers of the coronavirus in Hong Kong.

From mid-July, authorities had tested 130,000 people from high-risk groups such as minibus and taxi drivers, those who work in the markets, elderly care homes and restaurants, she said. One out of 2,500 of them tested positive for the virus.

Lam said although in the past few days the number of new cases were less than 100 a day, the situation remains critical.

She said after recording 1,206 cases in the first half of this year, over the last five weeks it has jumped to 3,850 while the number of deaths rose to 46.

She said all walks of life have been affected and around 20 clusters have been identified including places like elderly home, wet markets and groups of taxi drivers.

The CE said the central government attaches great importance to the situation in Hong Kong and pledges to offer all necessary support anytime.

She said she wants to clarify the plan early as there are a lot of rumours and smearing concerning the mainland going on. She urged the public not to be affected by the misleading remarks.

The top officials dismissed privacy concerns, saying testing staff would not know the identities of those who provided the samples.

Lam criticised those who attempted to damage the relationship between the mainland and Hong Kong using conspiracy theories.


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Hong Kong government to offer universal, voluntary coronavirus tests - Macau News

Russia wants to return to Venus, build reusable rocket – Macau Business

The head of Russias space agency said Friday that Roscosmos wants to return to Venus and bring back soil samples and build spacecraft that will surpass Elon Musks rockets.

Last week Americas first crewed spaceship to fly to the International Space Station in nearly a decade returned safely to Earth, splashing down in the Gulf of Mexico.

The mission was carried out jointly by NASA and Musks SpaceX. Its Falcon 9 rocket is semi-reusable.

We are making a methane rocket to replace the Soyuz-2, Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin said in an interview with state news agency RIA Novosti.

He said it will be a reusable space complex, noting that it will be possible to use its first stage at least 100 times.

Of course we are looking at what our American colleagues are doing, said Rogozin. But our engineers are trying to take a shortcut not to repeat what our SpaceX colleagues are doing but surpass them.

Rogozin said he was not impressed with the SpaceX spacecraft, saying its landing was rather rough.

Its not designed for ground landing thats exactly why American colleagues chose to land on the water the way it was done 45 years ago, Rogozin said.

Russia had for many years enjoyed a monopoly as the only country able to ferry astronauts, and the SpaceX launch meant the loss of a sizeable income. A seat in the Soyuz costs NASA around $80 million.

Rogozin said he also wanted Russia to return to Venus.

It was always a Russian planet,' he said.

The Soviet Union was the only nation to have landed probes on the surface of Venus.

I believe that Venus is more interesting than Mars, Rogozin said, adding that studying Venus could help scientists understand how to deal with climate change on Earth.

Venus, whose atmosphere is made up nearly completely of carbon dioxide, is considered to be the hottest planet in the solar system.

If we dont study what is happening on Venus then we wont understand how to prevent a similar scenario from happening on our planet.

He said he wanted Russians in cooperation with Americans or by themselves to bring back the surface materials of Venus.

It would indeed a breakthrough, Rogozin said.

We know how to do it, he added, saying Russian scientists were currently studying relevant Soviet-era documents.

But Roscosmos lamented that repeated budget cuts risked threatening many of the programmes.

I dont quite understand how to work in these conditions, he said. We are seeing that leading foreign space agencies are increasing their budgets.

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Russia wants to return to Venus, build reusable rocket - Macau Business

Paws for thought on International Cat Day – Macau Business

Videos of frolicking felines and gifs of purring pussies will be how most animal enthusiasts mark International Cat Day on Saturday.

But for owners who believe their pets are scratchy, aggressive and mean, the problem is probably you, according to a Hong Kong-based cat consultant who has owned 50 in her lifetime.

Feline behaviourist Briganne Carter mostly helps cat owners deal with problems like their pets scratching furniture and urinating outside the litter box, and said a lot of the time it has more to do with the pet owners than the cats.

Most people are really resistant to change in their environment to accommodate the cats, Carter said. And they just dont know a lot about it.

Thats where Carter comes in.

I see often a very immaculate place with nice leather furniture, and the cat has nothing. So whats the cat going to do? The cat needs to scratch, she said.

Sometimes the solution to destructive behaviour can be as simple as buying a cat tree.

Other times, however, the problem is harder as it may stem from trauma in the animals past.

Cats are super sensitive to emotion, she said.

Lauren England, 43, pulled a feral kitten from a flooded drain pipe during a typhoon.

The rescue cat bonded with another feral kitten in foster care, so she took home both, naming one Sir Ian McKellen and the other Brian Blessed.

But it was not smooth sailing.

They were just going crazy when I was in bed at night, and I could just hear things in here smashing and being torn, England said, describing the kittens first week at home.

It was just like a whirlwind had come through, noting that she had several plants before the kittens, but was now left with just one.

The kitten she rescued from the drainpipe had started hissing and spitting, and thats when she sought help from Carter.

Ive never really had that level of aggression from a cat, she admitted, despite growing up with them all her life.

Slowly the cats have come to trust her more, allowing themselves to be stroked with a toothbrush and sit at a distance on the couch.

Were not there yet but were making steady progress, she said.

For Carter, the job is often as much about helping the pet owners as it is the cats. I feel like a lot of what I do is counselling people.

Ive got a bit of a life coach as well as a kitten coach at the moment, England agreed.

What troubles Carter most is that some pet owners often give up on their cats because of bad behaviour, instead of seeking behavioural solutions.

There are thousands and thousands of cats that are needlessly abandoned, given to shelters, she lamented, because people dont realise that the cats troubled behaviour is actually very normal.

Cats are just being cats, she says. Theyre doing exactly what theyre supposed to.

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Paws for thought on International Cat Day - Macau Business

Patents need to cover Hong Kong and Macau? Here’s the procedure. – Lexology

Although a standard patent application can be filed directly with Hong Kong and Macau IP directories, there are routes more convenient for obtaining patent protection in these two Chinese territories.

Extension of a patent application to Hong Kong

A standard patent can be obtained by extending a Chinese patent into Hong Kong. The extension procedure includes a two-stage recordation request, one occurs at the publication of the Chinese patent application and the other at the grant of the Chinese patent, each within 6 months from the publication or grant date. The Chinese patent/application has to be a patent type, instead of a utility model, and can be a national phase of a PCT application filed in any of the receiving offices.

The Hong Kong standard patent will have a patent term of 20 years starting from the application date of the Chinese patent and independent from the validity of the Chinese patent. That is to say, a Hong Kong standard patent can only be invalidated by filing a cancelation in Hong Kong separately, even if the corresponding Chinese patent is invalidated in Mainland China.

In addition to a Chinese patent, a European or United Kingdom patent can also serve as the parent patent for extending into Hong Kong, and follows the same procedure as stated above in reference to a Chinese patent.

Extension of a Chinese patent application to Macau

The extension procedure in Macau is similar to that of a Hong Kong standard patent originating from a Chinese patent, but a European or United Kingdom patent is not eligible for the extension.

However, Macau provides a more convenient route to extend a Chinese patent into Macau, i.e., extending a Chinese patent into Macau within 3 months from the grant date of the Chinese patent without the need of filing a first-stage extension request at the time of the publication of the Chinese application.

It should be note that, although Macau was a colony of the Portuguese empire, a Portugal or European patent is not eligible for patent extension into Macau, and the extension procedure applies to Chinese patent only.

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Patents need to cover Hong Kong and Macau? Here's the procedure. - Lexology

Egypt and Greece ink exclusive economic zone deal – Macau Business

Egypt and Greece signedan agreement Thursday to set up an exclusive economic zone in the eastern Mediterranean amid regional tensions over energy resources in the area.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry announced the deal, which delineates the maritime borders of both countries, at a Cairo news conference alongside his Greek counterpart Nikos Dendias.

It comes after Turkey last year signed a deal with the UN-recognised government in Libya on maritime jurisdiction, with several countries accusing Ankara of trying to assert its dominance in the region.

The deal allows Egypt and Greece to move forward in maximising the benefits of the available resources in the exclusive economic zone for each of them, especially oil and gas reserves, Shoukry said.

Dendias described it as historic.

This agreement is the exact opposite of anything illegitimate like what was signed between Turkey and Tripoli, he added.

Turkey reacted angrily to the deal inked in Cairo.

The so-called maritime deal signed by Greece and Egypt is null and void, the Turkish foreign ministry said in a statement.

The so-called delimited areas are part of Turkeys continental shelf, it said, adding that Ankara would not allow any activity in those areas.

Egypt, Cyprus and Greece have denounced a contentious deal, including a security agreement, signed last year between Ankara and the embattled Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA).

Greece said at the time that it ignored the maritime boundaries of Crete.

Ankara backs the Tripoli-based GNA in its battle against eastern-based Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar, who last year launched an offensive to seize the capital.

Earlier this year, forces loyal to the GNA pushed Haftars fighters, who are backed by countries including Egypt and Russia, from much of western Libya.

The relationship between Egypt and Greece was a major factor in preserving the security and stability of the eastern Mediterranean and facing belligerent policies advancing terrorism, Shoukry said.

Earlier on Thursday, Athens said it was ready for talks with Ankara on disputed maritime zones in the Aegean, weeks after tension spiked between the NATO allies over energy exploration.

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Egypt and Greece ink exclusive economic zone deal - Macau Business

Greece records more than 5000 coronavirus infections – Macau Business

Greece on Thursday recorded more than 5,000 coronavirus cases after a spurt in new infections that sparked a wake-up week.

The national public health organisation announced 153 cases over the last 24 hours, raising the total to over 5,100. There have been 210 deaths so far.

The highest amount of daily cases announced was 156 on April 21, following a mass outbreak at a migrant hotel near Athens.

Greece on Wednesday announced a wake-up week on COVID-19, tightening restrictions after the steady rise in mostly domestic infections.

Officials have blamed the increase on overcrowding in clubs and social events.

Only 10 percent of cases in Greece can be traced to foreign arrivals, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis told a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

We have located three sources of concern: very regular crossings from Balkan countries by ethnic Greeks and residence permit holders social gatherings, including clubbing youths, weddings and baptisms, and public transport, Petsas said.

The public protection agency last week said masks must be worn in all indoor public areas, and visits to retirement homes and other institutions hosting vulnerable groups are restricted until August 15.

A limit of 100 guests was also set for weddings, baptisms and funerals, and summer fairs were cancelled.

Mitsotakis has already ruled out a general lockdown after gradually reopening the economy in May and starting to accept foreign arrivals in June to salvage part of the tourism season that is vital to the economy.

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Greece records more than 5000 coronavirus infections - Macau Business

Collaborative team of Macau, Hong Kong and mainland China scientists makes major breakthrough in development of potential COVID-19 vaccine for mass…

A team working out of the Faculty of Medicine at Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST), in collaboration with scientists from mainland China and Hong Kong, have made a potentially game changing breakthrough in their efforts to develop a highly effective COVID-19 vaccine that can be produced on a mass scale.

Research Professor Zhang Kang from the MUST Faculty of Medicine led the collaborative research team together with top scientists from many renowned institutions in mainland China and Hong Kong.

The peer-reviewed results from the teams research were published in the leading British science journal Natureon Wednesday 29 July. Inside Asian Gamingunderstands the breakthrough is amongst the most significant yet in overcoming the global pandemic.

The research found that a vaccine developed using certain residues found in the Spike protein receptor-binding domain (S-RBD) which is what the virus uses to engage with the cells of the host and cause infection induced a potent functional antibody response in immunized mice, rabbits and monkeys. These antibodies effectively blocked S-RBD from binding with the host cell receptor as it does in cases of infection, therefore neutralizing the virus during laboratory studies.

Importantly, immunization was effective from just a single dose and produced the antibody response as early as 7 or 14 days after injection. Elevated RBD-specific antibodies were also found in patients with COVID-19.

The fact that our candidate RBD vaccine can induce effective viral neutralizing activity in three different animal species is very encouraging, the study explains.

It is also encouraging to observe (a) that the antibodies shared common binding epitopes from infected patients, (b) that there is a strong viral neutralizing activity associated with a good humoral response, (c) that a simple vaccine adjuvant like Alum can further enhance the immune response, (d) that even one dose of the vaccine can already generated an excellent level of viral neutralizing activity, (e) that the vaccine can protect non-human primates from live [COVID-19] challenge, and (f) that the toxicology studies in the non-human primates showed that this vaccine candidate is safe.

All these features are excellent prospects in supporting the further development of this vaccine candidate.

The study also noted the significance of how quickly the vaccine sparked an antibody response.

Given the current pandemic, developing some type of viral neutralizing activity around 7 days after the first dose would be very helpful, it says.

This effect may have tremendous impact on treating infected individuals and preventing the spread of [COVID-19] in the populations.

Our finding highlights the importance of the RBD domain in the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) vaccine design and provides the rationale for the development of a protective vaccine through the induction of antibody against the RBD domain.

The research paper published in Naturethis week included 86 authors. IAGunderstands that more than 100 scientists have been involved in this collaborative effort to find a COVID-19 vaccine.

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Collaborative team of Macau, Hong Kong and mainland China scientists makes major breakthrough in development of potential COVID-19 vaccine for mass...

New Galaxy ICC, Macau, to showcase at IT&CM China – Conference and Meetings World

Ahead of the opening of Galaxy International Convention Center (GICC) in Macau early in 2021, Galaxy Integrated Resorts will showcase the new facility and its MICE offer at the IT&CM China 2020 virtual event, 3-5 August.

We look forward to participating in IT&CM Chinas new virtual event format this year, said Joey Pather, the groups senior vice-president, MICE operations and sales.

With GICC as the newest addition to Macaus MICE scene next year, it will be one of the most technologically advanced MICE destinations in Asia, offering 5G for high-speed connectivity and live streaming of content. We are witnessing an accelerating trend of more hybrid events. GICC will soon have the infrastructure and technology in place to become best in class in global digital and simulcast communication.

Situated within the Galaxy Integrated Resorts precinct, GICC will offer 40,000sqm of meeting space, a 650-seat auditorium, the 16,000-seat Galaxy Arena and a new 700-room Andaz Macau hotel all in one location.

For large-scale exhibitions, GICC offers 10,000sqm of pillar-less areas that can cater for 7,000 delegates.

Galaxy Arena will play host to major sports events, concerts, fight nights and corporate launches.

Organisers who book an event at GICC or at any of the eight luxury hotels at the resort precinct before December 31, 2020 can enjoy discounts, free welcome drinks, complimentary coach transfer, suite upgrades, complimentary rooms and 15% off on dining for hotel guests of Galaxy Macau and Broadway Macau. Minimum 25 room bookings required for minimum of two nights.

This resort-wide MICE offer is for events booked within this year and held before December 31, 2021.

A We Are Ready campaign is in place to inform guests about enhanced health and safety measures at the resorts. Measures include temperature screening at all main entrances and exits at the resort and nano-coating technology for long-lasting, self-disinfection of surfaces.

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New Galaxy ICC, Macau, to showcase at IT&CM China - Conference and Meetings World

Malaysia Police Say Theres Strong Indication Jho Low in Macau – Bloomberg

Jho Low

Photographer: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Photographer: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Malaysias police suspect that Low Taek Jho is hiding in Macau, amid efforts to bring the fugitive financier home to face justice for his role in the troubled state fund 1MDB.

Strong indication that he is there -- full stop, Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador said in a text message to Bloomberg. The police chief in February had said they received intelligence that Low was active in Wuhan.

Malaysias court Tuesday said that Low had played a crucial role in transferring 42 million ringgit ($10 million) of funds from a former 1MDB unit to ex-prime minister Najib Razaks accounts. Najib was found guilty of all seven charges in the trial and faces 12 years in prison, along with a 210 million ringgit fine.

Before it's here, it's on the Bloomberg Terminal.

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Malaysia Police Say Theres Strong Indication Jho Low in Macau - Bloomberg

Macau travel agencies in talks with airlines to increase frequencies for connections to Europe/US – CAPA – Centre for Aviation

CAPA publishes more than 400 global News Briefs every weekday, covering all aspects of the aviation and travel industry. Its the most comprehensive source of market intelligence in the world, with around 50 per cent of content translated from non-English sources. The breadth of our coverage means you wont need any other news sources to monitor competitors and stay informed about the latest developments in the wider aviation sector.

Our daily News Briefs are only available to CAPA Members. Membership provides access to more than 400 News Briefs every weekday, with quick links to our Analysis Reports, Research Publications, Data Centre and more.

Its easy to keep your News Briefs relevant by customising your email alerts based on topic, region, sector, frequency and more. Once youve saved your settings, you can stay up-to-date wherever you are, by quickly scanning our News Briefs online or via the CAPA mobile app.

Membership also provides full access to our Analysis Reports, in-depth Research Publications and comprehensive Data Centre. Premium CAPA Members can also access add-ons such as our exclusive Fleet Database, Airline Cask Data tools and more, to enjoy the full capabilities of our global platform.

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Macau travel agencies in talks with airlines to increase frequencies for connections to Europe/US - CAPA - Centre for Aviation

Government Information Bureau meets with Macao Youth Media Association to exchange ideas on changing face of local media – Inside Asian Gaming

The Director of the Macao Government Information Bureau (GCS), Ins Chan Lou, and Deputy Director Wong Lok I met with representatives of the Macao Youth Media Association last week to exchange views on key issues facing the development of Macau media in 2020.

Among the topics raised by the Associations President, Cheong In Cheng, was the status of new and emerging media which she said plays an equally important role in informing the public on topical issues. Cheung said the definition of media should not be limited to the certain types of media but should be more open in order to reflect modern society.

It was also suggested by one Association representative that the GCS arrange a special internal team to assist and respond to new media, with Chan acknowledging the idea has merit.

Chan who was appointed to head the GCS in late June agreed that new media can play an important role as a bridge between the Macau SAR Government and its residents and expressed her pleasure at seeing youth willing to make increasingly important contributions to Macaus media industry. She said she will actively encourage more young people to become involved.

The ideas floated for further development of youth in media included for the GCS to cooperate with local universities in promoting new media. The Association recommended offering greater promotion and training to students in order to provide opportunities to learn about exactly how Macaus media operates from day to day.

Other representatives of the Macau Youth Media Association present at last weeks meeting were Vice Presidents Lam Ka Wai, Kuan Seng Ip and Victoria Man Sok Wa, Chairman Chan Ka Chon, Vice Chairman Tang Sio Ian, Executive Director Chan In Kei and Chief Supervisor Lam Chan Sing.

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Government Information Bureau meets with Macao Youth Media Association to exchange ideas on changing face of local media - Inside Asian Gaming

Macau health authority warns casinos will close again if positive COVID-19 case found on gaming floors – Inside Asian Gaming

Macaus Health Bureau has underlined the necessity of requiring casino guests to submit negative COVID-19 test results before entering the gaming floor, stating Macaus casinos would need to close again if any confirmed cases are found.

Guangdong removed mandatory quarantine on visitors returning from Macau on 15 July, with Macau authorities announcing at the same time a requirement for all guests to provide negative test results from the previous seven days when entering casino floors or VIP rooms.

The policy has created some unrest among local citizens, who argue the policy is unnecessary because Macau has no active cases and visitors require a negative test just to enter the SAR in the first place.

But Health Bureau officials explained on Tuesday that even though Macau has not recorded any new locally transmitted cases for over four months, the global situation remains concerning.

The gaming industry is the most important industry in Macau, the Health Bureau said. Generally, people stay on casino floors for a longer time than other places, so that the risk of spreading the virus would be higher than in other places.

Many infected people do not show obvious symptoms. It is hard to guarantee that Macau does not have any hidden patients at this moment.

We have the conditions to keep a close eye on the preventive works of casinos.

Despite requiring negative virus test results, all casinos must also check each guests body temperature at entrances while enhancing disinfection measures on casino floors.

Between 50,000 and 60,000 casino frontline workers will also receive a one-off virus test, with all 25,000 workers from Sands China and SJM Holdings having completed their tests last week.

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Macau health authority warns casinos will close again if positive COVID-19 case found on gaming floors - Inside Asian Gaming

China accuses US of ‘outright bullying’ over TikTok – Macau Business

China accused the United States on Tuesday of outright bullying over popular video app TikTok, after President Donald Trump ramped up pressure for its US operations to be sold to an American company.

This goes against the principles of the market economy and the (World Trade Organisations) principles of openness, transparency and non-discrimination, said foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin.

A day earlier, President Trump gave TikTok six weeks to sell its US operations, in the latest escalation to an ongoing political and trade battle between Washington and Beijing.

The app has been under formal investigation on US national security grounds, because it collects large amounts of personal data on users and is legally bound to share it with authorities in Beijing if they demand it.

But Wang told a regular press briefing Tuesday: The US, without providing any evidence, has been using an abused concept of national security unjustifiably suppressing certain non-US companies.

He said the national security grounds for the USs clampdown on Chinese firms does not hold water, adding that the companies conduct their business activities in accordance with international rules and US laws.

But the US is cracking down on them on trumped-up charges. This is all political manipulation, said Wang, who warned the US not to open Pandoras box.

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China accuses US of 'outright bullying' over TikTok - Macau Business

Thailand launches another probe in Red Bull heir’s ‘hit-and-run’ – Macau Business

Thailands attorney general ordered a new investigation Tuesday into the heir to the Red Bull billions accused of a fatal hit-and-run, following public outrage after his charges were dropped last month.

Vorayuth Boss Yoovidhya was accused of killing a police officer in 2012 when he crashed his Ferrari in Bangkoks most exclusive neighbourhood.

The case has dragged on for years, and Vorayuth the grandson of Red Bull co-founder Chaleo Yoovidhya and one of the heirs to the family fortune fled the kingdom in 2017.

Last month, police and prosecutors said all charges against the 38-year-old had been dropped, including reckless driving causing death, citing new evidence.

The move spurred widespread anger amplified by trending hashtags on Twitter such as #BoycottRedBull, as his case was perceived as an example of the impunity apparently enjoyed by the kingdoms powerful billionaire class.

It also led to a rare statement by eight members of the sprawling Yoovidhya clan considered Thailands second-richest family according to Forbes who broke ranks to decry it.

Under growing pressure, the attorney generals office, police and the prime ministers office have now each opened probes into why the charges were dropped.

Following a review of the case, the Attorney Generals Office (AGO) announced Tuesday they will order police to conduct new investigations into the accident and Vorayuths alleged drug use.

Traces of cocaine were detected in Vorayuths system after the accident, according to a police report.

Police told a parliamentary committee last week that they had not pressed drug charges because Vorayuths dentist said the cocaine was administered for dental treatment.

The AGO said it agrees to firstly inform police investigators to press charges against him on the use of cocaine, said Prayut Bejaguna, deputy spokesman.

They must also open the new investigation on the charge of reckless driving cause death, which has seven years left on the statute of limitations.

He cited new evidence showing discrepancies between the original police report of Vorayuths speed.

The case is not over yet.

Last week, a defence witness key to clearing Vorayuts name was killed in a motorbike accident in the northern city of Chiang Mai.

Charuchart Martthong had told investigators that Vorayut was not speeding, an account apparently delivered years after the 2012 accident.

The probes launched by multiple Thai agencies would likely have seen the truck driver questioned again.

His sudden death on Thursday prompted premier Prayut Chan-O-Cha to order a new autopsy.

The former army general on Tuesday urged for calm from the public, calling for them to be patient for the results of all probes.

The Red Bull case has served as a fresh conduit for anger against Prayuts administration which enjoys close alliances with Thailands billionaire clans as it struggles with a flatlining economy due to the epidemic.

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Thailand launches another probe in Red Bull heir's 'hit-and-run' - Macau Business

Former tennis player admits lying to get reduced ban – Macau Business

Argentine former tennis player Mariano Puerta admitted on Monday he lied to get a reduced sentence when he was caught doping following the 2005 French Open final he lost to Rafael Nadal.

The explanation we used as a strategy was a lie. But I didnt gain any sporting advantage, I dont want to be seen as a cheat any more, Puerta told the La Nacion newspaper.

Spanish great Nadal bounced back from losing the first set on a tie-break to win his first Grand Slam title at Roland Garros where he has been crowned champion a record 12 times.

Following the final, Puerta, now 41, tested positive for the stimulant etilefrine.

Given hed already served a nine-month doping ban in 2003 after testing positive for another stimulant, clenbuterol, he was initially handed an eight-year ban.

However, upon arguing that he had accidentally ingested the etilefrine when he took a sip from his wifes glass of water in which she had put medication for menstrual pains, his ban was reduced to two years by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

However, Puerta told La Nacion that at the time he was taking a nutritional supplement that contained caffeine and ginseng that he acquired from a friend of his personal trainer Dario Lecman, and which was contaminated with traces of etilefrine.

We couldnt do anything because the pills were bought, I dont know how to put this not in a legal way, said Puerta.

My lawyers didnt think it was a good idea to say what happened.

However, questioned by La Nacion, Lecman said: Ive got nothing to do with this. I didnt give him anything. Its a lie.

Puertas former coach Andres Schneiter, also cast doubt on the new version of events.

I asked him what had happened and he told me he didnt know. I thought he was lying. I sensed that reply wasnt sincere, I think he took something without knowing and it was negligence, said Schneiter.

Puerta was ranked number nine in the world at the time but never managed to reach that level again after his comeback in 2007 and he retired two years later.

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Former tennis player admits lying to get reduced ban - Macau Business

Classes on the University of Macao to begin on 7 September – Macau News

The University of Macau (UM) announced on Wednesday that the classes for the upcoming academic year will begin on 7 September.

A note sent to all UM students said that all teaching activities will resume normally in the new academic year and classes will mainly be arranged on a face-to-face teaching basis.

The note, however, said that students should pay close attention to the Special Webpage against Epidemics of the Macao Health Bureau.

According to information released by UM, all current postgraduate students will be allowed to return to campus from 10 August 2020.

The university is closely monitoring the situation of the pandemic and will make necessary adjustments to the teaching arrangement in accordance with the announcements and prevention guidelines of the Macao government, the note said.

The notice by UM also asks students to wear a mask, wash hands frequently, maintain distance and avoid crowd gathering.

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Classes on the University of Macao to begin on 7 September - Macau News

Macau Secretary for Economy and Finance confirms IVS resumption is part of government’s phased reopening plans – Inside Asian Gaming

Macaus Secretary for Economy and Finance, Lei Wai Nong, said the resumption of the Individual Visit Scheme (IVS) forms part of the plan of the SAR government to facilitate greater interaction between Macau and mainland China.

Underlining 15 July the date Guangdong Province removed mandatory quarantine on visitors returning from Macau as a particularly important turning point, Lei reiterated that progress so far has clearly demonstrated that Macau is looking to increase its interactions with mainland China in phases.

On July 15, the mainland government adjusted its policy and residents of the two places resumed normal interactions, which is an important turning point for Macau, he said. On July 28, the mainland further relaxed the restrictions for Macau visitors to access the entire Guangdong Province.

We must maintain our preventive works on controlling the epidemic, and we will evaluate the risk to push the interactions between the two places.

The SAR government has kept communicating with the central government and has done pressure tests on our borders.

Lei also revealed that the SAR government would launch policies to attract more Chinese tourists to visit Macau.

He noted that the government has been actively working with stakeholders across the city and has adjusted down its gaming tax budget for 2020 by 49% to MOP$49.98 billion (US$6.26 billion).

Lei said the epidemic has already lasted longer than the government originally expected, and would pay close attention to the economic situation in the third and fourth quarters of this year to consider whether the governments budget needs to be adjusted again.


Macau Secretary for Economy and Finance confirms IVS resumption is part of government's phased reopening plans - Inside Asian Gaming