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Five workers were injured on Saturday after a section of roofing in Galaxy Macaus Phase 3 development collapsed.

According to information released by Macaus Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL), contractors have been ordered to cease all work in the area while the cause of the accident is investigated. DSAL said the accident may involve engineering design or engineering quality issues.

The five injured workers are all believed to have been working underneath the section of roofing when it collapsed on Saturday morning. They were transported to hospital where two of the workers remain for observation.

In a statement, Galaxy Entertainment Group, the owner and operator ofGalaxy Macau, said it was deeply concerned about the incident.

After learning about this incident, we have immediately reported it to related government departments, and five injured workers were transported to the hospital and representatives have been assigned to follow up and provide necessary assistance, GEG said.

As of now, three minor injured workers have been discharged from the hospital while two workers remain in the hospital for further observation.

GEG would like to take this opportunity to send our most sincere regards to the related workers. We have also requested the contractor to carry out a thorough investigation on the glass chandelier installation related to the incident.

As the case is currently under investigation, we have no further information to provide.

DSAL published a number of images of the collapsed roofing on Saturday, however GEG has disputed the authenticity of video footage circulating on social media over the weekend alleging to show the aftermath of the incident. Inside Asian Gaming has viewed some of these videos but has not been able to verify their source or accuracy.

We have learned that there was a video being circulated on social media that displays inaccurate content and therefore we would like to take the opportunity to clarify that the video has no relation with the incident, GEG said.GEG reserves the right to take appropriate action against that.

With work temporarily halted, DSAL noted that, according to Decree No. 44/91/M, contractors are obliged to ensure a safe working environment on the site and the operation of facilities, and to supervise workers in accordance with construction safety procedures to protect the lives of workers.

The Labour Bureau will continue to strengthen the supervision of the occupational safety and health status of construction sites. If there is an occupational safety and health violation, it will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

Galaxy Macau Phase 3 is due for completion in 2022, adding a number of new hotels, more gaming and retail space and the Galaxy International Convention Center.

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Five injured as roofing collapses on Galaxy Macau Phase 3 construction site - IAG - Inside Asian Gaming

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