Zelda 2 – The Adventure of Link – Part 13 : The Great Mind-Screw – Video

11-05-2012 21:38 Time to finish this thing off with the Great Palace! I call this place a mind-screw for a good reason… The map is set-up in such a way that there are many rooms where you can go either left or right, and if you choose the wrong direction, you will eventually end up reaching a point where you cannot turn back, and have to go on a completely wrong path that leads back to the start of the dungeon. On top of this, many, MANY of the rooms have the EXACT same layout as one another, where the only difference is the enemies within the rooms. Thus, you could get easily confused by this if you are not paying attention, think you were somewhere you were before, second-guess your choice, and go a wrong way again. It really is a pain to navigate without a map. The bosses of this palace are probably the most threatening ones in the game, but they are still not that difficult to beat. One is just being careful with your positioning, the other is pattern abuse. The dungeon itself is the real obstacle. Pulling off this challenge ended up being a lot easier than I anticipated. For those who keep asking about failure reels, I tend not to do those due to the EXTREME amounts of hard-drive space keeping all my failures would take up. One way or another though, we shall see what comes next… although in the meantime I will upload some more Worms footage or something. Enjoy!~

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Zelda 2 – The Adventure of Link – Part 13 : The Great Mind-Screw – Video

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