Green Planet Eco Systems

22-04-2011 13:05 Meet Roman Bukowinski, Director of Renewable Energy at Green Planet Eco Systems. He is also the Owner, operator of Tartan Plumbing, Inc. established in 1999. Roman has designed devices and systems that have reduced energy costs for many of his clients. A few of his achievements are waste heat recovery, lowered carbon emissions, and evacuated solar hot water, PV and wind turbines. He also has designed a system Plumbing and Heating Engineer. In his 26 years of experience, Roman is designing an energy saving system for Wayne State University, reducing their energy usage by 75% and a payback of 3.5 years. He has been consulted by the government of Sudan to help rebuild the country using his gray water recycling system, which in turn can deliver potable water to each village. In addition, his recommendation of utilizing radiant cooling using geothermal can cool hospitals and schools, also providing them with solar and wind for their electrical energy needs. What makes Roman’s systems so unique is the way they integrate with each other while maximizing all energy potential. Roman is also making the case for our high schools students to be knowledgeable and learn the skills needed to make a smaller the carbon foot print of every household and building. It is also a great way to be active in a career to help our planet endure. Check with your career counselor on the program of study you will need to enter this pathway.

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Green Planet Eco Systems

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