Environmental Investing Ideas

Green Investing

If you’re interested in promoting environmentalism and simultaneously putting your money where your mouth is to back your favorite green technology, then there are plenty opportunities around to do just that.

From wind farms, to alternative fuel sources, solar energy companies and various renewable energy technologies, green investing has become huge over the past decade or so.

There are far too many to look at individually. But the beauty of this form of investing for environmentalists is the ability to direct capital in the direction you truly believe in.

Let’s consider a couple of interesting environmental investment ideas…

First off, how about trying to make a little money by aligning your interests with the greatest investor of all time, Warren Buffett, whilst trying to encourage the world to buy low emission cars?

In 2008, Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway investment group took a major stake in the Chinese company BYD listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Mr. Buffett is a little up on his investment so far as the company struggles to introduce an all-electric car by the year 2010, the E6, in the USA.

BYD has suffered various delays and setbacks in trying to achieve its goal. Buffett paid around HK$8 a share for his investment, but you can still join him at around HK$15 a share to support the company as it struggles to make sure that its new car offers a viable green alternative for the biggest gas-guzzlers on the planet. Or maybe you’d rather a green energy investing strategy…

More Green Investing Ideas

Alternatively, how about an intriguing green investment in wave technology? Listed on the Australian stock exchange, Carnegie Wave Energy Limited could be on the crest of a big future. The company is fully focused on developing and commercializing its patented wave energy technology, which is capable of producing sufficient zero-emission power and direct desalinated water, from one operation.

The company reckons that wave energy globally is capable of supplying between 50% and 200% of the world’s current power consumption – and points out that approximately 60% of the world’s population lives within 60 kilometers of a coast.

Also, a few companies specializing in developing carbon credits are also going cheap after the summer sell-off. UK-listed Camco has two decades’ worth of experience in working with companies and governments in China, the US, Africa, Russia and South-east Asia in developing emission reduction and clean energy projects. The company has recently made a move into converting cow manure from a dairy farm in Idaho into clean electricity.

Alternatively, there are quite a few investment trusts around that offer lower risk, pooled investments in green technologies. The disadvantage of this form of investment is the lack of ability to direct your money in the way you want it to go, but then they’re a lot safer.

Photo Credit: Opportunist Magazine

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