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Hey, they may be hapless victims turned bloodlusting walking corpses, but living forever in eternal beauty is a great health benefit!

Part of the Horror of being infected by The Virus is its ability to corrupt the mind of a victim, subordinating them into a Hive Mind or outright making them a sociopathic shell of their former self, intent only on killing or infecting their former loved ones.

But then there's times that a transformation doesn't brainwash, de-soul, drive insane, or demonically possess the victim. Other times the Viral Transformation causes changes that are purely cosmetic, granting amazing abilities albeit at great cost and (usually) a horrifying appearance. So what do these unwilling tranformees do? Become Phlebotinum Rebels or Vampire Refugees and use their powers to fight these monsters? Nope. They engage in Transhuman Treachery.

They sell out humanity and ally with who- or what-ever did this to them, regardless of whether or not they wanted to kill all vampires, robots, mutants, or aliens five minutes ago. There is no shock, only joy at becoming "more" than human and being able to flout society's rules.

If this FaceHeel Turn is too quick, it gives the impression that some other trope is at work, like The Dark Side, or With Great Power Comes Great Insanity. However, this trope may be justified a couple of ways. If The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body it doesn't matter that vampire Dan doesn't want to drink human blood, he has to, and trying to be friendly won't last. Alternately, someone seeking the Curse That Cures may make the painful choice to switch sides to save their life. If the setting has an ongoing "race war" against what the character has become if they don't join their new race they'll quickly face death. However, most of the time the switch in alliances comes about with alarming speed and lack of concern. At best you'll see these Big Bad Friends offer the transformation to a friend or loved one... and kill them if they refuse. The Dark Side, they have cookies.

It seems resisting these new biological impulses or avoiding becoming drunk on power is reserved solely for protagonists with Heroic Willpower.

A possible cause of Beware the Superman, this is the third sin in the Scale of Scientific Sins. Compare Sheep in Wolf's Clothing and Species Loyalty. Contrast Monsters Anonymous. May lead to forming an Anti-Human Alliance. Can overlap with Super Supremacist. Contrast Pro-Human Transhuman or Humanity Is Infectious, depending on the details.

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Lucy: [after Helsing offers her "peace" in exchange to know Dracula's whereabouts] Peace? Do you imagine I am in pain, professor? A tortured soul? Look at me, I'm magnificent! In my warm life, all that expected of pretty little Lucy was to marry well and become a broodmare. Squatting out children and dancing to my husband's whims and fancies. Now I am so much more, I had to die to become fulfilled. I am stronger than all of you, faster,the things I can see and hearI am extraordinary!

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Caleb: I gotta play by the rules here. I know how you feel, I didn't want to be a vampire first. But after you get used to it, it's pretty damn cool!



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Minerva: [to the hunters during a confrontation] I am envious, to become a walking corpse at this age. Still stuck with every wrinkle of my twilight years. -Sigh- Oh well, to feel younger is a most excellent prestige. Harker: You can't possibly enjoy such a ghastly activity as drinking blood every night, Lady Westenra?! Come to your senses! Minerva: Ohoho, my dear boy, what you see as madness is just normalcy to me now. I'm sorry, but the me you know from before is dead. I'm am [Dracula's] bride now and I do not intend to upset him.

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