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I'm doing an art project that involves thinking about the shape humans will take in the future, what would that bring to an individual and how it might impact society if the individuals didn't share the overall what-we-now-think-of-as human shape.

Individuals in the animal kingdom look similar if we look at their average shape. For example, an average healthy human has two legs, two arms, a head, a torso and walks upright.

But in the wake of advancements in biotechnology, cybernetics (and other numerous fields) I wonder how our more or less similar silhuete will change if we gain the power to transform our bodies beyond current capabilities of cosmetic surgery.

For example, why have two arms when you could have three? Or "eyes"on the back of your head?I'm interested in more examples that might drastically affect the shape of what we today percieve as human body.

I want to know how would you augment your body, and weather it would alter your current physical apperance?How do you think that change would affect your daily life, positives and perhaps any negatives?

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Transhuman r/Transhuman - reddit

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