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The Overwatch Transhuman Arm is a branch of the Combine Overwatch that is formed by the Combine to create Transhuman troops whose task is to ensure Combine rule on earth.

Overwatch Transhuman Arm Symbol.

They are no where near the lower skill set of some common Metropolitan Police Force units, and have high combat capabilities to ensure their power and brutality on the battlefield. They are specialized in most tasks that the Metropoltian Police Force is not, such as: Designated Marksman, Close Quarter Combat (CQC), and Ground Units. They are usually armed with the Combines most impressive weaponry, such as the AR2, MP7, Overwatch Sniper Rifle, and the Combine SPAS-12.

Overwatch Units are heavily augmented and have heavy kevlar, allowing them to safely engage in situations too dangerous/risky to be handled by Metropoltian Police Force. Overwatch Units are usually deployed in Resistance Raids, and sometimes sweeps.

They have multiple Divisions, as of now they are:

ECHO - The basic auxiliary supporting ground Unit.

SHADOW - Subtle reconnaissance Unit, used to aquire intel and assassinate high-value targets.

SYNTH - Synthetical supporting ground Unit.

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Overwatch Transhuman Arm | Xenic-HL2RP Wiki | FANDOM ...

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