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Unrated is an alternative arts & music fundraiser concert hosted on a Real-Time Live 3D Virtual Events platform with a Mission for Raising INR 1 Million Funds for COVID-19 Warriors. Transhuman Collective, an award-winning immersive experience design consultancy and production company introduces its open to all Real-Time Live Virtual Event called UNRATED on 18th and 19th July, 2020 from 6:30 pm onwards. Transhuman Collective has been successfully creating and delivering some of the most spectacular events for brands and Govt bodies over the years. The aim behind UNRATED is to raise funds for the COVID-19 warriors. In association with GiveIndia, Transhuman Collective will be engaging the audience in a never seen before experience through UNRATED. The mission is to raise INR 1 Million in order to provide PPE Kits to COVID-19 warriors. In view of the ongoing circumstances, the minds behind Transhuman Collective thought of creating and providing a unique concept that will engage and motivate audiences across the globe. The event is sure to be one of the best campaigns as UNRATED is a festival by the artist and for the artists.

The concert will not only feature the most eclectic music artists but also visual and graffiti artists, like Ash Roy, Calm Chor, Artist Vinayak, Ox7gen, Zokhuma, Nate08, Helium Project and Nelsonto name a few. It will also feature Live visual artists and street artists like Cursorama, Vj Decoy, Samvida+Viktor, Daku, Arthat and Yantr.

The industry has been noticing various virtual events that have been hosted in India, but somewhere there was a lack of a never seen before concept. Transhuman Collective along with their team of enthusiasts conceptualised a multiple immersive technology like Realtime 3D technology, sound reactive lights, augmented reality, holographic, projection mapping etc to offer a one of a kind experience to their audience. Thereby, the organizers built their own Real Time LIVE 3D Virtual Events platform called TransSpace.

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A music and arts festival for Mumbaikars - Times of India

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