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A WIstaston family are overwhelmed by the generosity of people who have donated nearly 70K so far towards the 120K needed for lifesaving treatment for their 11-year-old son.

Georgy Capener was diagnosed with the highly malignant Ewings Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, following a fall in a friends's garden on Easter Sunday in 2018.

He has undergone numerous rounds of high dose aggressive chemotherapy and radiotherapy since then, lost his right arm as a result of the treatment and now has a titanium prosthesis.

Georgy went into remission last March, but the cancer returned in April this year, this time in his left sinus, just under his eye socket and in the back of his nose.

The Wistaston Church Lane pupil is now undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy again - but the vital stem cell therapy which is essential to ensure he can live a normal, healthy life and prevent the cancer returning at a later stage costs 130,000 and is not available for Georgy on the NHS.

The money needs to be raised by the beginning of September, when Georgy is due to finish his final round of chemotherapy, as, for the stem cell treatment to be successful, the procedure would have to start immediately after that to ensure the cancer doesnt return straight away,

This week Georgys mum, Helen Capener, was close to tears she was so overwhelmed by the generosity of people who have donated and organised fundraisers.

I just cant believe the total raised so far, she said. Its just so nice. Weve got fundraisers doing things all over the place, my cousins biking from Peterborough to Crewe, weve got people in Cheadle doing stuff, everywhere, its brilliant

Ive been trying to keep up with whos donating. Its so lovely, Im still overwhelmed.

She said money had flooded in from Crewe Chronicle, CheshireLive and Liverpool Echo readers.

Passionate Liverpool fan Georgy has also received a video message of support from the Reds defender Andy Robertson.

It was brilliant, said Helen. Unfortunately I wasnt there when he received it. It was his dads turn to take him to radiotherapy so he saw it in the car so I didnt see his reaction but his dad said he was absolutely over the moon. His little face lit up and he just loves it. As soon as he came back, he ran in to show me.

There are so many fundraising events taking place to raise money for Georgys treatment, it is impossible to list them all here.

They range from an online fitness class which took place on Saturday, to people walking up Snowdon at the end of this month, one person has sold off their vinyl collection, others are making T-shirts and hoodies with the Georgys Fight logo, theres a big raffle and Georgys Fight jewellery being made and sold by another fundraiser.

A Facebook Page set up by a family friend, called Georgys Fight, lists how you can help.

Helen said that she and husband, Richard, cant thank people enough.

Georgy is undergoing his last round of chemotherapy this week.

Speaking earlier this week, Helen said: He finishes his radiotherapy this Friday (August 7) so hes struggling a bit now. Hes been having lots of nosebleeds and hes got an ulcer right at the back of his throat so hes still unable to eat much and hes got ulcers all on the left hand side of his cheek which are stinging.

They did tell us that this would happen and we expected it a bit earlier, so hes done really well to get this far but the last week or so started to take its toll.

Hes got four more sessions after this and its finished.

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He didnt want to go this morning because he knows that at each session its going to hurt even more, but he always bounces back. Once hes finished the radiotherapy, give him a couple of weeks and hell be back to feeling ok again I think.

Georgy has been accepted by a clinic in Thailand to undergo the vital stem cell treatment he needs next month but it is essential the treatment starts in September ensure the cancer doesnt return straight away,

That is why the family set up the JustGiving fundraising page to help save our sons life.

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