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The flames of romance are still ablaze in the enchanting Seychelles Islands, where some 97 couples have walked down the aisle since August 1, 2020, and many others seeking the perfect occasion to tie the knot as tourism restarts in the destination.

Following the reopening of their International Airport, the destination has started to see its wedding market come back to life.

Whilst stranded in the tropical paradise, two couples, according to Registrar for Marriage from the Seychelles Department of Immigration and Civil Status, got married in June. Moreover, with the reopening of the airport, 7 weddings took place on Praslin and 90 destination weddings took place Mah, Silhouette and Enchanted Island since August. Couples from all corners of the world still have their hearts set on Seychelles as their wedding location with many enquiries being made daily.

With romance ever-present in the air, the local authorities and trade are ensuring that no stone is left unturned when it comes to safety. Wedding service specialists and the related service providers of the islands are currently operating under new safety frameworks required under the new normal.

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The destinations pristine beaches, with its pearly white sand and turquoise waters, have proven to be a very popular location for weddings. Keeping this in mind, procedures have been put into place to ensure lovers can still have an intimate service whilst being kept safe. Minimum contact is to be made between wedding organisers and their clients through measures such as social distancing, use of disposable biodegradable items wherever applicable, no sharing of items and constant use of disinfectant and sanitation processes.

Additionally, the islands also have a reputation for their stunningly lavish hotels, which are also prominent wedding locations. Although room weddings are not permitted, for the time being, the various certified hotels have various open areas, equally as exquisite as the ballrooms, available for couples to choose from. Clients will have to abide by the hotels health and safety regulations, which are reinforced by the Public Health Authority and the Department of Tourism. Similar to beach weddings, measures such as social distancing, sanitisation processes and proper disposal of used items have been put in place to ensure the safety of clients during their ceremony.

The encouraging numbers of weddings in the destination proves that it remains one of the most distinguished wedding destinations, still captivating the hearts of lovers across the globe.

With the world shrouded in chaos and uncertainty, the need to celebrate love and romance has deepened. What location could be ideal to start your lives together than the islands rumoured to be home to the Garden of Eden, where all life began.

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Wedding Bells in the Seychelles Islands Read more Skip - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

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