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While Seychelle's tourism industry is finally opening the welcome gates again, there are some things travelers need to become approved beforehand.

Seychelles has always been a popular tourist destination and not that travel restrictions are slowly beginning to lift, vacations are back in question. While many have postponed or canceled their travel plans in lieu of local weekends away, hometown beach trips, or even virtual "travel" options, Seychelles is finally offering commercial flights once again.

By August 2020, it's the hope of the flight industry that the guidelines in place will be enough to maintain adequate safety and ensure the protection of all passengers and crew. Thailand has begun offering "Fantasy Flights" as a means to prepare travelers for the reopening of commercial travel, and thus far, they remain the only country to prepare travelers in such a hands-on way. So what do travelers need to know before looking up flights to Seychelles?

Flights to Seychelles are only flying from approved countries which can be found on the tourism documents that detail new flying procedures. For approved countries, the guidelines become even more specific, requiring legal documents and proof of things such as testing and social distancing. While it is extensive, all measures are in place to reassure travelers and ensure the safety of employees, since the alternative is to not allow commercial travel at all. These approved countries along with other guidelines can be found on the Seychelles tourism website.

Other guidelines are in place from weeks prior to flights all the way up to accommodations upon landing in Seychelles. The tourism industry is taking no chances and every detail must be filled in in order for travelers to be approved. For starters, proof of a negative COVID-19 test prior to flying is absolutely necessary. Even more specific, those who are coming from countries that are at a medium threat level are required to have a PCR test and return results with 72 hours of their flight. Travelers coming from a country that is low risk are required to submit an antigen test no more than 72 hours prior to travel.

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Travelers who show any signs or symptoms of being sick, such as a cough or fever, are not permitted to board the plane and the crew has the right to deny passage to high-risk travelers. If a passenger manages to get on the flight without any of this proof of well-being, they will immediately be sent back to their home airport ASAP after landing. Passengers who do not follow guidelines will not be permitted entry into Seychelles.

One in Seychelles, further screening will be conducted - including temperature readings, symptom check, and some passengers might even be prompted to have a rapid antigen test. Passengers are also heavily encouraged to acquire travel insurance as well.

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It's highly encouraged for travelers to book their stay - including all accommodations and activities - through services that have been approved by the Public Health Authority. Passengers without proof of their accommodations, includingbooking vouchers, will not be permitted to stay in Seychelles. The tourism industry will also have Health and Safety officers assigned to hotels and resorts in order to observe travelers for a full two weeks after a guest's check-in. By doing this, Health and Safety officials will be able to keep an active and accurate log of every traveler who enters the country.

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