President Faure visits Agency for Social Protection – News – Office of the President of the Republic of Seychelles

06 August 2020 | Social Affairs

President Danny Faure visited the Agency for Social Protection (ASP) offices located at Ocean Gate House this morning, continuing his series of visits to key services. During his visit, President Faure was accompanied by the Chairperson of the Board of ASP, Secretary of State Amb. Marie-Pierre Lloyd, the CEO of ASP, Mr Marcus Simeon and Deputy CEO of ASP Mrs Roma Edmond. The President took the time to interact with the staff and obtain a first-hand understanding of their daily operations.

The President visited various sections including Accounts, Home Care and Benefits, Data Processing, Administration and Human Resource, Customer Service Centre and Operations (Social Security) section. The President also made a stop at the Vetting Unit (Unemployment) and Approval Unit which manages supplementary assistance, medical benefits and part-rental payments.

As one of the key frontline agencies that has been serving the people both prior to and post COVID-19, the visit this morning was an opportunity for the President to meet the staff and convey his sincere appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

Social protection is the key to our values as a nation and you all play a key role in ensuring social protection services are accessible to our people. Today I would like to reiterate the value of the work that you all are doing. I know that it gets challenging at times and you work under tremendous pressure, but despite that you continue working together for the benefit of the country and for this we say thank you," said President Faure.

The President also met members of the public accessing some of the services whilst he was visiting the various sections and units within the ASP. He met with the ASP Management team for a debriefing at the end of the meeting to discuss their ongoing challenges and solutions moving forward.

With 86 staff, the Agency of Social Protection (ASP) delivers on activities to promote active participation of citizens in society through the provision of income support and other services. It serves a diverse group of customers including families, people in employment, unemployed people, people with disabilities, carers, and the elderly.

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President Faure visits Agency for Social Protection - News - Office of the President of the Republic of Seychelles

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