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The accommodation available in the Seychelles ranges from super luxury to luxury to normal and budget. It really all depends on your budget and the occasion. But sometimes the occasion is simply being in the Seychelles, so why not?

A private island reached by helicopter or small plane from Mahe, Fregate Island Private is a nature reserve where humans take second place to nature. Sixteen villas nestle in the greenery, each offering a large living room villa, a bedroom villa, indoor and outdoor bathrooms, a small pool, all connected by private boardwalks, and any meals you wish delivered right to your front door. Each villa comes with a golf buggy to get around, and each beach has an occupied sign and a phone to call up for cocktails or snacks brought down to you. Not cheap, but also not the priciest, and so worth it.

Au Font De Mer is one of several self-catering options available on the main island and has good ratings. Also, look at the Airbnb options; you can get apartments and beach villas at reasonable prices.

For a mid-range hotel chain, you could do a lot worse than the Hilton on Mahe island. With its private beach, private pools in their villas, restaurants overlooking the ocean and clean, and modern styling, this is a good choice.

You will not need a visa to enter the Seychelles, and you will get your lovely stamp upon arrival. It is recommended that all your routine vaccinations are up to date, but you do not need any specific vaccinations, nor any malaria prophylaxis.

The language is Seychellois Creole, which is rooted in French, but English and French are also widely spoken and understood, and all the hotel staff speaks English. The currency is the Seychelles rupee, but prices are often listed in euros and dollars, both of which are accepted in larger stores and hotels, but not necessarily in street stalls or by market vendors.

It might be worth mentioning that there really is plenty of wildlife in the Seychelles, even in the luxury resorts. When I stayed on Fregate Island, a couple had to be helicoptered out after one night because the bride could not cope with the lizards that shared their villa. That said, Fregate is a nature reserve where all creatures are encouraged to enjoy themselves, but if you are squeamish, it may be better to stay on the main island in a hotel where lizards and geckos are kept firmly outside.

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