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TechCrunch is elevating networking to a whole new level at TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics + AI, which takes place at UC Berkeleys Zellerbach Hall on April 18. This day-long event features discussion

In 2017, when Tesla announced incredibly ambitious Model 3 production targets of 5,000 Model 3s per week and the beginning of "production hell," analysts were wary.

We knew this moment was coming we just never expected it to arrive so soon. Jibo owners all over are reporting a final death rattle from their beloved home robot. The last message finds Jibo annou

Late last week, we announced the schedule for April 18s TC Sessions: Robotics + AI event at UC Berkeley, including some heavy hitters like Marc Raibert, Melonee Wise and Ken Goldberg. At the time,

MITs Cheetah team has built some incredibly impressive electric robots, capable of jumping hurdles and navigating blindly, but in some ways the new Mini Cheetah might be the most impressive to date

If youve ever dabbled in collectible card games Magic: The Gathering, Pokmon, etc. you know how quickly collections can grow. One pack turns into two. Two turns into five. Then they r

From the moment that Disney announced its acquisition of Lucasfilm, the question on every fans mind was when will they build Star Wars in real life? While most assumed that they would do it e

FedEx is a courier delivery and logistics company; and in 2019, that means it must also have an autonomous delivery bot. The delivery services company, known for its overnight shipping, unveiled Wedne

It's already tomorrow in Australia, seemingly in more ways than one. It's the 27th already, yes, but they're also working in putting together AI-flown companion jets for their fighters. Why didn't we

Researchers have created a prosthetic hand that offers its users the ability to feel where it is and how the fingers are positioned a sense known as proprioception. The headline may be in jest, bu

Robotics have long been a bit of a white whale for Qualcomm. The burgeoning field is a pretty logical next step for the chipmaker, which seems to have its foot in every other aspect of electronics the

Were just under two months out from this years TC Sessions: Robotics + AI event, and weve still got a lot left to announce. As noted, well have Anca Dragan, Marc Raibert, Alexei Efros, Han

The planned Robot Science Museum in Seoul will have a humdinger of a first exhibition: its own robotic construction. Its very much a publicity stunt, though a fun one but who knows? Perhaps

The UKs Department for Transport has said today that an expansion of drone no-fly zones to 5km around airport runways will come into force on March 13. Anyone caught and convicted

For the first time later this week, a privately developed moon lander will launch aboard a privately built rocket, organized by a private launch coordinator. Its an historic moment in space and

Are you a student within striking distance of Berkeley, California? Do you have a burning passion for robots and artificial intelligence? We have great news for you. Were offering deeply discounted

Last year, Sphero stepped away from the flashiness of Disney IP, opting instead to focus on education. It was a pragmatic business decision, above all. The draw of licensing brands like Star Wars, Mar

So, weve already announced that Anca Dragan, Alexei Efros, Hany Farid, Melonee Wise, Peter Barrett, Rana el Kaliouby, Arnaud Thiercelin and Laura Major will all be appearing at Aprils big roboti

Opportunitys mission is complete, and the rover that was supposed to last 90 days closes the book on 15 years of exploration. Its sad, but its also a great time to look back on th

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