Know the foods beforehand that you should avoid if one wants to pass the test.

Most are unaware that certain everyday foods will deter you from a pass on the drug test if you are aware you will increase your chances of success in passing it. Researching these foods will put you ahead and avoiding the consumption of these foods around the day of or a few days prior the test will further heighten your chance of being successful. Here are some foods to avoid:

Hemp Oil/Seeds/Milk: This can be brought back positive for THC. It is hard for the test to distinguish between marijuana abusers and a typical meal with hemp seeds.

All Cold/ Flu Remedies: Avoid all remedies to help heal a cold. These remedies narrow the blood vessels to relieve congestion. A synthetic amphetamine is used in the remedy, and thus you can test positive for amphetamines in the drug test.

Azo: This is used to combat urinary tract infections as well as permit relief to the victim. Azo helps to rid the infection bacteria in the track by stripping it of all the bacteria; the side effect is that it turns the different urine colors than the natural and the administrators just assume you are trying to fool or hide from the system.

Sudafed: This is a remedy used for the relief of allergies. Beware of this, as this will bring your results to an apex positive. A synthetic amphetamine is used, and you will strike positive for amphetamines.

Tonic Water: This also goes by the name of quinine water. This can be mistaken for opiates. It was a means to deliver quinines from South America to its destination. Do not even be tempted to drink a little or that is a guarantee of failure.

Vitamin B Supplements: Avoid any natural herbs with Vitamin B2 contained in it or Vitamin B complex supplements. Commercial B2 supplements are synthetic and are also known as Riboflavin. It is a fermentation of a particular plant, or it may contain hempseed oil. It will falsify a positive for marijuana usage. Do not take until you know you are in the safe zone for passing the test.

Ibuprofen: It is a common use is for a painkiller, but it comes as the results back as positive on the drug test in the testing window of 48 hours. It tests positive for marijuana, benzodiazepines, and barbiturates. So the next time you are in pain (near your drug test date) reach for the aspirin or the Tylenol.

Poppy Seeds: These tasty seeds are delicious on a muffin or bagel but, at best, refrain from them (around or on the testing date) as they contain amounts of opiates. The opiates are in the form of codeine and opium. Instead of poppy seeds substitute with sesame or sunflower seeds.

Know the difference between store versus laboratory testing

Buying from the store is a simple step, and you can walk into any store, and they most likely have a drug test kit in stock. The results are quick and easy. Do your research though, as some can have the results within one to five minutes, while others have to be mailed to a laboratory to get the results. You can find bulk rates or the best price with online shopping and research. There are 2 types of urine tests that you can take from home:

You do not need to send it in for testing: the urination makes contact to the strip reacting with it and producing the results. If it changes colors or produces a symbol, the results are positive, if otherwise then the results are negative.

Laboratory Grade Screening Test: If you must go to a laboratory or you must send it via mail, then the laboratory will have to send you back the results. It is more accurate as it can be tested for alteration or tampering with the results. The laboratory tests for important compounds. The PH balance and the absence of minerals indicate that it could have been tampered with. The presence of certain substances could indicate additives.

Here is a great resource for our readers in order to learn how to pass a urine drug test in 2 days:

8. Get to know the different types of drugs that are being tested.

There are five basic major drugs that are tested. These were the five upmost common abused substances. The following are the topmost:

Marijuana: This is anything composed of THC. Examples are vaping weed, wax, BHO, shatter any THC edibles (pills, gummy, cooked), etc.

Cocaine: Any snorting, smoking, or shooting of cocaine-related substances such as coca leaves, tinctures, alcohol (of any kind) or chewing leaves, crack, local anesthetics and prescription drugs, etc.

Opiates: Prescription drugs, painkillers, anti-anxiety medication, etc. It also consists of illegal drugs. If codeine is attached to the suffix of the word it usually means it is an opiate.

Amphetamines: It helps relieve anxiety, depression, weight loss, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, to name a few

Methamphetamines: A powerful stimulate when synthesizing amphetamines. This is where Meth falls into the category.

Simply do not do them.

The most simple, effective and safest way is to simply not do them at all. This is the most healthy for you. Spend time in a hobby and indulge in a healthy lifestyle: eating right, hygiene, exercising, etc. This is the one-hundred percent best for you as most (if not all drugs) leave you with no real fix and being detrimental to your health. They make you crave more, and you are then controlled by a substance where you are never content. There are other things you can do as well: make a difference, volunteer, indulge in ones passions or dreams. One who actively participates in ones own life lives a more productive and a more happy-filled life than one who reaches for the drug to fix ones problem.

How to get off of Drug Abuse

Take baby steps.

Everything with a lasting change must be built on a foundation of baby steps, if one tries to get off of it cold then one is susceptible to cling back into it and fall under the same destructive habits or maybe even delve deeper into it. Wane off of it a little at a time, until you can become totally independent of it. It is said that Patience is a virtue. This indeed must require patience; one must not get discouraged. If one keeps at it, one will start to see the progress he has begun. One can do this if one has the determination to succeed.

Find an accountability partner.

One must combat feelings of loneliness or all the weight being put on ones shoulders; the majority of people tend to harbor these feelings. This is dangerous as this can give you a mentality of Oh well, why try? One must try! The outcome far outweighs the pain. A friend who has been in the same or similar predicament makes it easier to sort through this life addiction together. One can be accountable to ones self but having another makes it all the more difficult to slip back into ones destructive phase in life. This gives one the ability to relate to another and adds another layer of protection from the detrimental lifestyle. It can only get easier from here. One cannot do this alone.

Seek professional help and guidance

More than likely, most have this implemented for them. If one does not, they must actively seek it. They will know how to help detox you. Detoxification is vital to flush the body of the drugs that left trace amounts of it in ones body. This can help with ones cravings for it as well because it is removing any of the substances that may still be left in ones body. They know the best ways to heal your body and make it stronger through a daily practice of things researched and proven. They will usually send one to rehab where the victim gets another chance at indulging in ones life fully once again.

Practice the healthy ways to relax you and indulge your senses.

Learn more about yourself in a healthy manner: What relaxes you? What motivates you? What are your likes/dislikes? Stress is the number one cause for one to enter the word of drugs. There are more healthy and productive ways one can implement to achieve permanent, lasting results, than just diving for drugs because you think it is going to give a quick fix.

Meditation is known for its relaxing benefits and can prevent or help relax ones being physical, mentally, and emotionally. A diffuser can help in indulging ones senses with aromatherapy: the art of finding ones smell that helps better ones self. Indulge in exercises like Yoga, etc.

Focus on your breathing. Be present at the moment. It would be a wise choice to invest in a journal and write down ones thoughts. This can help to look back at progress or aid in the relief of struggle. Some need organized discipline and there are a plethora of videos, how-tos, and courses to help one implement lifestyle changes vital to their health and well-being. Sobriety is an art form of being able to participant in ones life to the apex point one can reach.

Any type of aerobic exercise is good for health and to help perspire the drug out of ones system. Swimming, running, riding a bicycle are just a few examples.

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