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To tackle these important challenges, the Center for Resource Management will have over twenty buildings, including housing for a few hundred people who will work towards these goals.

The entire facility will be designed to be as self-sustaining as possible, with all of the energy coming from renewable sources and food grown onsite. Located in the central area will be a Museum of the Future. This unique museum will present educational exhibitions to help people both understand the state of present-day technology, as well as its potential when utilized humanely within a Global Resource Based Economy. There will be accommodations for visitors who want to stay for more than a day, and educational seminars will be provided for them to learn more about this social direction.

The Center for Resource Management will also house facilities for producing a diverse array of media to help further these aims through films, a CGI studio, and an arts and music center. Residents and visitors will live in single- and multi-unit apartments, with onsite acute medical care also provided. Waste and water will be treated as important resources to be reused. Facilities management cannot be overlooked and will be provided for with a machine shop. R&D labs will be included as well for researchers who want to do related scientific work. An access center will provide on-demand access to a wide variety of goods, similar to how libraries today provide access to books. The whole complex will operate like a leading-edge, green university campus, all immersed in lush landscaping, with winding streams and paths for biking and walking.

The building designs are taken directly from the over 5500 design sketches that Jacque Fresco produced over the last 41 years, with the design layout arranged by Roxanne Meadows. Adam Bouzane, D.EDDT, a Building Technologist, System Administrator, is Project Managing the technical drawings and specifications.

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Center For Resource Management | Resource Based Economy

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