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Nowadays, stress is everywhere. We are going through a never-seen coronavirus pandemic that is affecting our physical as well as mental health.

As the majority of us are currently struggling to work from home owing to the pandemic and yet stay productive, stress related to work can also affect our efficiency and overall professional life.

Here are some simple biohacking steps to reduce workplace stress and boost your productivity:

1) Eat healthy food:

You know food has the power to keep your emotions intact. Eating healthy food, which includes vitamins, proteins, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds can help you give the required energy to stay physically and emotionally fit. You can perform well at your tasks with full concentration, which can easily reduce the stress of work piling up and performance issues.

2) Maintain a regular sleep schedule:

An ideal sleep schedule should be of at least 8 to 9 hours a day. However, as we are now not traveling much outside and staying indoors only to complete our household and office work, at least 7 hours of good quality sleep can put the brain and mind to rest and help you stay away from negative and anxious thoughts.

3) Avoid certain things:

Avoiding coffee altogether or at least reducing the intake of coffee can help you reduce your stress levels. Not only that but eliminating the intake of lots of sugar from your diet can also help you to keep your blood sugar in control and improve your cognitive function. Before going to sleep, say NO to social media updates, watching television and mobiles as it makes you thoughts wander about what is happening in the world around you and thus, affecting your sleep cycle.

4) Follow a regular exercise routine:

Regular physical activities are a must for sound physical and mental health. The more you stay active physically, the more you will have no time for unwanted thoughts that can keep you engaged for a longer period of time. Can't go swimming, jog or walk right now? That's fine, many yoga asanas and exercises can be performed at home by watching YouTube or fitness television channels. Remember, health is wealth and no wants to work with a tired person ever. Hence, in order to give your best in your professional and personal lives, stay physically active.

5) Try Nootropics to reduce stress and increase your mental focus:

Piracetam, choline, Deprenyl, Ashwagandha, Omega 3, and others are nootropics i.e. smart drugs, which can improve your mental focus and help you perform better at whatever task you take in your hands. If you feel that you get tired by the end of the day after your work schedule, it is time to improve your mental capacity by trying out some safe and test mind-enhancing substances, which will help you to enhance your memory, mental speed and focus. Bio-Hacking is do it yourself scientific approach of experiments on the body, including the food we eat, the music we listen, the lifestyle we follow. It involves monitoring what happens in thebodyand creatingtakeawaysof what is working and what is not working. The above tips worked for many and you can also explore them for fixing stress issues.

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Simple ways to release workplace stress - Daily Pioneer

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