Koios canned nootropic drink to be sold in over 10,000 retail locations by 2020 – BeverageDaily.com

The organic drink company uses earth grown components to give consumers energy containing a proprietary blend of nootropics, MCT oil (extract from coconut oil) and Lions Mane mushrooms, designed to increase blood flow to the brain.

Chris Miller, CEO, Koios, told BeverageDaily nootropics, sometimes called smart drugs are herbs, foods, and supplements that enhance brain power (like memory, function, etc.), and offer other protective health benefits.

Nootropics are specifically designed to target brain function by increasing blood flow, oxygen levels, and neural connections in the brain, he said.

Brain function is becoming the worlds new currency as industrialized nations continue to move toward increasingly tech-heavy, creative-based economies. As a result, people have turned to mass market energy drinks, despite the staggering long-term adverse health effects associated with these beverages.

Today theres a healthier alternative to energy drinks in the form of nootropic functional beverages that boost your mood and increase cognitive performance.

He added Koios launched its first beverage, as a science-based approach to nutrition in 2015 and within six months it managed to get listed in over 4,000 retail locations in the US including; Amazon, 7-11, GNC, Walmart, Wishing-U-Well and Safeway.

Many people are just now hearing about nootropics, yet the market size is estimated to be worth $4.94bn by 2025, said Miller.

Its no secret that the information age we live in today puts more strain on our brains and bodies. It is also putting more demands on all of us to perform mentally day in and day out. However, many of us do not get the nutrients we need to perform at our best.

Nootropics are effective at improving mood because they work with the brains natural chemistry. They help reduce negative feelings and increase an overall feeling of well-being.

From a scientific perspective, nootropics affect certain neurotransmission systems in the brain and these neurotransmitters tell our brain to feel happy, sad, motivated and a myriad of other feelings and emotions.

According to a recent Gallup study, job burnout accounts for an estimated $190bn in healthcare spending each year.

Miller added enhancing brain function can mean decreasing mental fatigue, improving focus, boosting memory skills and reaction time, and overall feeling more alert.

Last year Americans spent over $300bn on coffee, energy drinks, and supplements, presumably to keep up with the heavy demands of their work/life and to feel better. Is that investment paying off? he said.

According to Faith Popcorn, an American futurist, people will soon need to enhance their mental performance if they want to compete with artificial intelligence.

She claims Nootropics will be one of the hottest trends over the next 10 years because the technology we use now to enhance our performance is outdated and not viable long-term.

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Koios canned nootropic drink to be sold in over 10,000 retail locations by 2020 - BeverageDaily.com

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