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Too many Zoom happy hours making you feel not happy? As GQ reports, theres a wide and wonderful world of low- and no-alcohol cocktails to appeal to the sober-curious.

Lower in calories and less likely to leave you hungover, health-conscious sippers have been raising a glass with something other than LaCroix.

And we dont just mean White Claw. Nielsen recently called hard seltzer the most resilient alcohol category in the US notching a 4x sales increase over last year but theres a bevy of new craft bevvies behind the bar.

Though the companies we reached out to remained mum on exact dollar amounts, all reported huge growth this year.

Curious Elixirs makes pre-mixed nonalcoholic drinks. Its Cocktail Club memberships have spiked 600% since mid-March, a spokesperson said.

Haus ships low-ABV aperitifs D2C. The company launched last June and has seen orders grow 500% in 2020.

Kin Euphorics uses adaptogenics and nootropics botanic compounds said to boost brainpower for a booze-free buzz.

Kin told us D2C revenue nearly tripled between March and July 2020 compared with the same period last year.

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Can happy hour lose the booze? - The Hustle

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