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If youve logged on to the internet in the last week or so, youve probably seen a lot of tweets about money hungry raccoons named Tom or animals crossing. or something.

Dont be alarmed. I assure you everything is OK. The social distancing hasnt gotten to peoples heads just yet. There are just a bunch of people on your Twitter timeline playing Nintendos Animal Crossing: New Horizons that released over the weekend for Switch.

Confused as to what that is? Dont worry, weve got you covered here. This is everything you need to know about Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing is Nintendos tentpole social simulator franchise that launched in 2001. Think about it like youd think about the Sims except its much more chill and you can plant trees, fish and perform other work-related tasks for bells (cash).

Its latest title, Animal Crossing: New Horizons,is a Nintendo Switch exclusive and the franchises first installment since 2012 whenAnimal Crossing: New Leafdropped for the Nintendo 3DS great game, btw.

So, in this game youre transported to a deserted island owned by Nook Incorporated (more on that later) and your overall goal, ultimately, is to turn it into a utopia.

On day one youre given a tent and sent on missions to set the other islanders up. Eventually, you start to fish, collect fossils, and perform other tasks to make the island a habitable space.

Youre not. At the jump you get to create your own human and then youre off on your deserted island experience with your new raccoon buddies, Timmy and Tommy. Wild, I know.

So you live on this island with a bunch of animals that have human-like traits. They walk, talk and interact with you as if they were people just with animal heads.

More and more animals visit the island as the game progresses and its your job to build it up and convince them that its a nice place to live.


Nook Inc. is a family-owned business run by Tom Nook (the dad raccoon) and his two kids Timmy and Tommy. Once you get to the island, Tom hooks you up with a tent that you eventually pay off.

After that they hook you up with a loan of a whopping 98,000 bells (the islands currency) to buy a house from Nook. You are eventually able to upgrade your house for another 198,000 bells from Nook. And thats kind of how the game goes.

Youre basically Nooks island servantbut you still have a ton of fun fishing and farming and junk so its all good!

Absolutely! Its exactly the kind of calming fun that youre looking for right now while youre social distancing. Theres online multiplayer, so if you can get it and convince your friends to get it youre all set.

If you have a Nintendo Switch, you can get it for $59.99 from the Nintendo store right now. If can swing it, its a good time.

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Everything you need to know about Animal Crossing: New Horizons - For The Win

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