What is NeuroTechnology? | NeuroTechnology and Hearing Loss

We want to provide you with the best treatment services to help you manage your hearing loss and the associated cognitive deprivation. The services associated with the treatment of hearing loss include the diagnosis, auditory therapy, and recommendations for proper hearing protection and hearing aid technology and devices.

Our audiologists and hearing instrument specialist have been trained to provide early treatment of hearing loss to assist in restoring clarity and cognitive function including the understanding of speech in both quiet and noisy situations. These hearing loss treatment services are intended to help you decrease the risk of developing cognitive decline and dementia, and understand other medical conditions associated with your hearing.

Our hearing health care providers can advise you on strategies for custom designed and programmed hearing technology to improve your overall hearing and address the associated cognitive aspects of hearing loss. Simply put, your brain will be able to capture and process information more clearly and precisely with these treatment services.

NeuroTechnology is designed to treat hearing loss by using complex stimulation patterns to help replace diminished auditory input to the brain. Traditional hearing aids just make things louder, but with todays new NeuroTechnology treatment options you can hear more clearly and more naturally, in all listening environments. even in noisy restaurants!

Todays NeuroTechnology includes the following features:

How Does Neurotechnology work?

There are different types of NeuroTechnology each custom designed and programmed to meet your hearing loss, and your hearing needs, but they all ultimately perform the same function: to help you hear more clearly, and more naturally.

We hear with our BRAINS, not with our ears. Todays NeuroTechnology is the only proven hearing loss treatment options with a focus on enhancing brain function by providing enhanced clarity surround-sound with background-noise cancelling features

NeuroTechnology can be used to address the full spectrum of hearing difficulties, from people with audiometric normal hearing to individuals with severe to profound hearing loss.

What Are The Different Types Of Neurotechnology?

NeuroTechnology comes in several shapes and sizes, including some invisible options for maximum discreteness. The hearing health care provider will review your treatment options based on your specific hearing loss and hearing needs. Regardless of which treatment option is right for you, whether youre out to dinner with friends, hitting the beach, meeting with clients, or hiking, youll be able to hear what matters most with todays hearing loss technology.


Invisible Treatment Options: Once placed in your ear, its hassle-free so that you may even forget youre wearing the device! And thats the point. Hearing loss shouldnt hold you back, and neither should your hearing solution. Features in todays invisible technology options include:

Mini Receiver In The Ear Options: Groundbreaking NeuroTechnology is fast and precise enough to analyze and follow the dynamics of the entire auditory environment, and differentiate between speech and background noise. Advances in miniaturization of technology have led to the breakthrough of new NeuroTechnology proven to support brain function, including working memory, selective attention, and processing speed (The Hearing Review: Dr. Desjardin, University of Texas, El Paso). These new devices have 3 features designed specifically to maintain the brains innate ability to hear in all different listening situations:

In addition, some options include Bluetooth and Internet compatible options that enable:

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What is NeuroTechnology? | NeuroTechnology and Hearing Loss

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