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Posted on June 12, 2017

Neurotechnology has announced a new version of its MegaMatcher Accelerator biometric software platform that enables faster matching than ever.

Its called MegaMatcher Accelerator Extreme, and Neurotechnology says that on a single server it can match 700 million irises per second, 1.2 billion faces per second, and 1.2 billion fingerprints per second. It can also manage 200 million iris templates, 40 million faces, and 160 million fingerprint templates on one server.

In a statement announcing the new platform, Neurotechnology called it the fastest biometric engine in the world, with the companys Director Irmantas Naujikas asserting that it will allow our customersto implement large and complex solutions in a simpler way, utilizing considerably fewer servers than before and simplifying system deployment and maintenance.

MegaMatcher Accelerator Extreme arrives soon after Neurotechnology announced an upgraded version of its SentiVeillance facial recognition SDK, which can now scan up to ten different surveillance feeds on a single computer.

June 12, 2017 by Alex Perala

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Neurotechnology Announces MegaMatcher Accelerator Extreme ... - findBIOMETRICS

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