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Neurotechnology and brain health analytics player SyncThink and concussion education technology specialist TeachAids have announced a partnership to bring together concussion prevention education and a virtual reality diagnostic tool.

CrashCourse is an interactive educational module that teaches athletes, parents and coaches about concussions. It includes scientific knowledge and helps to dispel myths and misconceptions about the concussion recovery process. This, alongside EYE-SYNC, which allows a clinician to use analysis to decipher between brain systems to determine whether a patient may be performing poorly or impaired, will create a brain health education and evaluation system.

Piya Sorcar, founder of TeachAids, said: There is great synergy between our two organisations. This partnership offers the latest concussion education and combines it with mobile, objective measurement technology.

This implementation will be available to all SyncThink partners which include top athletic organisations and clinical partners providing medical care and education for over 10,000 high school and college athletes. Future functionality may also allow for a CrashCourse certification process within the SyncThink User Management Portal. This implementation could make tracking those who receive concussion education easier while complying with sport governing bodies educational requirements.

SyncThink founder and medical advisor to TeachAids, Jamshid Ghajar said: "Using the SyncThink platform to feature the CrashCourse educational technology for athletes and coaches is brilliant. Now clinicians can use the Eye-Sync tests and metrics alongside CrashCourses latest evidence-based information on concussion."

Currently, Eye-Syncprovides a battery of eye tracking assessments, as well as numerous clinical workflow enhancers, making it possible for the clinician to capture objective data in a shorter period of time. CrashCourse will also be made available through this interface, allowing clinicians to provide critical and timely educational information to their patients and partners in the community.

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Partnership brings together education and diagnostic tool on concussion - Med-Tech Innovation

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