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With Apples refresh of the 27-inch iMac, a new option is available that previously was only offered on the Pro Display XDR. You can now ordet your iMac with a nano-texture display. This reduces glare to a bare minimum, but cleaning the nano-texture glass on your new iMac is quite different from other display options.

When you order your 27-inch iMac with nano-texture glass, Apple actually etches the coating into the display at the nanometer level. Apple claims that it reduces glare while preserving contrast, for jaw-dropping image quality. The texturing scatters light as it hits the display, minimizing glare and reducing the undesirable haze and sparkle of the normal matte coatings.

Apple provides a special cleaning cloth for the nano-texture glass. The company says you should never use any other material on the display or you risk damaging the glass. So, how can you clean the nano-texture glass on your new 27-inch iMac if it gets really dirty?

As it turns out, the key to removing difficult smudges is something you probably already have around the house. Take that 70-percent isopropyl alcohol (IPA) solution out of your medicine cabinet. Moisten the cleaning cloth with it, and you can easily wipe away those hard-to-remove smudges.

Once done, you should clean the polishing cloth to remove excess isopropyl alcohol. Just follow these steps:

Should you lose the polishing cloth, or want a spare, you can order a replacement directly from Apple Support.


Cleaning the Nano-Texture Glass on Your New iMac - The Mac Observer

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