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With Ubisoft's much-anticipatedSkull and Bonesabsent with scurvy this year, you may be hankerin' for another slice of high-seas adventure. Italian studio 3DClouds is stepping up to deliver just that.King of Seasis a procedurally-generated pirate ARPG (ARRPG?) set during the golden age of piracy. It'll launch for PC and consoles this autumn.

3DClouds saysKing of Seaswill immerse you in a time of "pirates, ferocious sea battles, hidden treasure, and lost islands". You are, amazingly enough, a pirate, who must embark on a journey to avenge the death of your father. As you journey, your quest takes on a new objective: you must stake your claim as the king of all pirates. You can check out a trailer forKing of Seasright here:

King of Seaspromises a world in which every action you take will cause a reaction, forcing you to "evaluate your strategy at every turn", according to a press release. Naval routes may change, so you'll need to find alternate routes to your destinations, or weather conditions may force you into more dangerous routes. This being a pirate game, there'll also be plenty of opportunity to travel to distant islands, trade goods with locals, and upgrade your ship, as well as engage in naval combat, and take part in a variety of story missions.

You'll be able to check outKing of Seasthis autumn on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. If you're into the idea of this pirate ARRPG (still not sick of that joke), you can wishlist it over on Steam right now. We don't have a concrete release date forKing of Seasyet, so when we know more - including more concrete gameplay details - we'll bring it your way.

DoesKing of Seaslook like your pirate-themed jam? Let us know in the comments below, ye scurvy dogs!

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With Skull And Bones Missing, King Of Seas May Be Your Pirate ARRPG This Year - TechRaptor

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