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A new weekend is coming and with the heat that lurks behind the door, it is better to hide in the cool that we have inside the house with snacks and refreshing drinks and enjoy the series that the streaming platforms bring us.

Like every weekend we recommend the new series that we find in Netflix, HBO and Prime Video. Each one in its own style and with very interesting novelties compete in the middle of summer to capture the attention of the majority of subscribers.

While Netflix brings us the continuation of a national drama with the Spanish actors of the moment, HBO stands out with a happy and fun new series that makes us forget the worries of the moment. For its part, Prime Video is committed to el genre of spies and corruption that so many like.

Between the premieres of the week with movies and series and the titles that have captivated in recent months, the platforms are becoming more complete and are taking advantage of the quarantine pull in many places to entertain everyone, whatever their tastes, at home.

If you like national productions, this list is for you: we have selected the 10 best Spanish series that you can watch on Netflix, HBO and Prime Video.

Netflix opens August with one of its national productions and which brings together a large cast of well-known performers: Ivana Baquero, Jon Kortajarena and Alejandra Onieva, among others. Alta mar returns in its third season and with many secrets still to be revealed, but above all the search for the lethal virus cabin by cabin on the cruise ship and a countdown that does not take her eyes off all the questions that remained to be resolved.

Title: High seas Release date: 2019 Duration: 40 minutes Platform: Netflix

HBO makes a much riskier bet, mixing comedy with musical in a series. Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist its a cool and enjoyable approach to these summer months. Zoey undergoes a medical test that will cause a strange syndrome, begins to perceive what people are thinking but singing. Her friends, co-workers and family sing her most hidden secrets around her and Zoey will have to deal with all that information without being able to reveal what she knows.

Title: Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist Release Date: 2020 Length: 40 minutes Platform: HBO

For Prime Video subscribers we leave you a series of espionage. The candidate addresses crime and drug trafficking in Mexico City. Two CIA agents have infiltrated to overthrow the most dangerous drug lord in the city and they run into the political and police corruption that often surrounds these criminal organizations.

Title: The Candidate Release Date: 2020 Duration: 40 minutes Platform: Prime Video

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What series to watch this weekend on Netflix, HBO and Prime Video: The extraordinary Playlist of Zoey and the High Sea | Entertainment - Explica

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