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Before setting sail with a trusty crew of friends in Sea of Thieves, here are a few tips and tricks to know to make your life as a pirate easier.

Sea of Thieves has a vast variety of tasks and missions that seems to get updated regularly. The support and fanbase are vast and growing. The ability to sail, plunder, loot, attack, and essentially be the best (or worst) pirate you can be is very enticing.

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Coupled with crews of fellow gamers and a plethora of ships to sail, this game can be enjoyed by many different types of gamers, solo or with friends. With the proper foreknowledge, you can make a smooth transition from landlubber to sea dog in no time.

Sailing really isn't as easy as it looks. There is a lot to it. In Sea Of Thieves, you will be tested against the ever-growing armada of players who are always out in the high seas. Knowing your route, understanding the wind, watching for incoming attacks from other ships and monsters, and knowing how to stop properly, just to name a few. Once you get the hang of sailing, next is repairing it on the fly, and this is a juggle especially if you're playing solo. Fighting and sailing at the same time entail learning a whole other new set of coordinated skills. Sailing isn't a cakewalk, especially at the beginning.

See that glimmer in the distance? That is a spyglass, not unlike a sniper scope. This is usually a sign you are getting sized up for battle or to be looted, to both. Either way, run. Something not good might be coming your way. In the same, when you use a spyglass yourself, you are also sending that glimmering message to someone that you have them in your sights. Use these signs as a warning. Fight it flee are usually your only options.

Those birds in the sky are a beacon, a marker. Like a buoy in the water, the birds in the sky are telling you there is something to check out. They mark treasure or sunken ships. Usually with one comes the other. Hustle though, you are not the only one who can see them. Pro Tip, grab the loot and get out of that area. If you linger too long another ship might come by and attack and loot you. They will end up taking your loot but your freshly acquired loot as well.

Black water equals terror. When has black water ever meant anything good? If you find black water sailing and you're not a strong ship and have little to no experience, you had better make your way to safety fast. The Meg, Kraken and other creatures may be lurking near. They are hiding in the depths waiting for some poor soul to pass by to attack. Be prepared or avoid it altogether.

Have a crew that wants to join you? Make sure you know your role and everyone else's' role as well. Know your shipmates is like knowing your coworkers. They all have a role in the ship from defense to attacking and sailing to maintaining and repairs. Can you trust these others? make sure you're not setting yourself up to be a victim of pirate plunder and mutiny on your own ship.

In the game, you will probably spend the majority of your sailing on the main upper deck. All the action is there. You have to sail the ship, search the surroundings, attack, and board and offboard. It is easy to forget about the lower deck.

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Below the deck is more storage and also where the damage can go unattended during storms and fights. You can start to take on water and not realize it until it's too late. Keep mindful of the entire ship.

That is really just that, the end of the world. Flat earthers rejoice? When you sail to the end of the world in Sea Of Thieves it seems that if you don't turn around fast enough it is certain death. Be wary of your sailing, especially if you're trying to find the limits. If you have a full crew, it's even worse because they will all go down with you.

Don't quit in the middle of a mission. XP is lost and you will actually go backwards. Not only does it not give you the XP, but it also takes it away. Also, all the loot and progress to the said mission is lost as well.

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Make sure you have allotted the time to complete the mission you set out for. If you have a crew it affects them too so be careful in your choosing. If you don't have the time then don't partake.

At the onset when you set sail you have to select a mission by vote, even in a solo game. This is not a glitch, just the way the game is set to play. It makes sense with crews and multiplayer aspects but as a solo player, you just have to go through the motions.

Learn this, make it second nature and make it happen fast. During the battle, if you have mastered hand brake turns you will have the tactical upper hand with being able to turn fast to either get the enemy in your sight or to flea fast from onslaught. Remember, there is a large amount of people all out to do ultimately the same things that you are, and you will be insight of many of them for attack and plunder so be smart and fast in your sailing. Also, as a side note, the cool factor when coming up to a harbor and pulling a handbrake turn to stop at the dock is high. Sail in fast and come into the dock sideways and land in style.

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