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The Puerto Rico Ports Authority (PA) has awarded auction 10-90 for the emergency repair of pier 3 on the San Juan port front.

PA Executive Director Joel Piz Batiz explained that a section on the east side of pier 3 was impacted by the Norwegian Epic cruise ship on February 12, 2019, when it was making an unplanned berthing at said pier after confronting mechanical malfunctions on the high seas.

The impact, he said, affected what is known as the "mooring dolphins" BD-5 and BD-6, as well as the walkways that connect the BD-4 to BD-5, BD-5 to BD-6, and the BD-6 to pier 3. The concrete piles supporting the mooring dolphins, bollards, and walkways collapsed on impact, dropping everything to the sea floor.

After a study process, which culminated in obtaining the federal permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the auction phase proceeded and has now been completed.

Repair work is estimated at $6,659,00 and will begin in upcoming weeks. The work is projected to be completed in roughly 14 months.

"Pier 3 is used mostly by transit cruises. With decreased cruise operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was important to start repairs as soon as possible. It should be noted that the cost of the repair will be borne by the insurers, so no public funds will be used for it," Piz Batiz stressed.

The project, which will use the design build method, will consist of the removal of 90 tons of collapsed structures from the seabed; reconstruction of the two mooring dolphins and collapsed piles; reinstallation of the bollards, system of defenses, and walkways; and replacement and repair of all electrical, plumbing, and lighting systems affected by the impact.

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Puerto Rico to Repair Pier 3 in San Juan - The Weekly Journal

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