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Currently, and given that the hardware conditions allow it, some of the most successful multiplayer titles are craving for a presence on as many platforms as possible. In the case of Sea of Thieves, which was a huge hit for Rare in recent years, the experience leapt to Steam, immediately capturing users, and after 15 million players were reached, PS4 users want the title. I got to the console.

3 years ago, Juan Antonio Martnez launched a petition on for Sea of Thieves to debut on PlayStation 4, just at a time when the title was on . of conquering the world and was still raising doubts and was considered with a future uncertain existing in the environment of Xbox One and Windows 10. Well, the history in 2020 showed that Rare was back with his experience of pirates and after it was confirmed that 15 million players have turned to the high seas in recent years , many fans surprisingly joined the proposal.

So far, the request for Sea of Thieves to come to PS4 has 3,625 people and its target is 5,000 signatures, but it should be mentioned that this sudden increase in the number of players supporting the proposal has recently taken place.

Would you like Sea of Thieves to come to PS4 or another platform?

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Players team up on demand for Sea of Thieves to hit PS4 - Explica

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