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Pikerot, Micronesia.- Tree men stranded in the remote island of Pikerot in Micronesia (South Pacific) Were rescued by Australian and American authorities, after they were found thanks to a huge message what did he say SOS on the beach.

The Australian Defense Ministry reported that the men, three Micronesian seafarers, had set out on July 30 in a 7-meter boat for a 42-kilometer journey between Pulawat and Pulap atolls, when they were dragged to the island Pikelot, 190 kilometers from where they set sail.

The Coordination Center and Rescue Guam issued an alert after learning of the disappearance and sought help from the Australian Department of Defense on Saturday, including sending the warship Canberra, which sailed between Australia and Hawaii (United States).

The reconnaissance plane found a large message The victims themselves wrote on the Pikelot sand and sent a helicopter from the Canberra ship to transport water and food, as well as to analyze the health of the missing.

Terry Morrison, the commander of the Canberra, commented that he was proud of the response and professionalism of the entire crew in the performance of their duty, to contribute to the safety of lives on the high seas and wherever they are in the world.

After the international mission, the authorities of Micronesia they sent a patrol boat to take their citizens home. Micronesia It is a western Pacific country with more than 600 small islands.

Although the work of the rescue It was important, the castaways also did everything possible so that they could be located quickly, before it was too late.

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Men are rescued after leaving a message on an island - Explica

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