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Spoilers for 'High Seas' Season 3

In the third season of 'High Seas' aka 'Alta Mar' on Netflix, a few things have changed. The first two seasons helped us get to know the characters well and set up relationships that were tried and tested. Season 3 of 'High Seas' picks up one and a half years after the events of the second season, and this time, the Villanueva sisters, Eva (Ivana Baquero) and Carolina (Alejandra Onieva) are once again boarding the Barbara de Braganza for a voyage, but now they are different people.

For one, Eva is now a successful author, having published her novel 'Lost Souls' which she wrote while she was aboard the Barbara de Braganza. Meanwhile, Carolina, who is now married to Fernando Fabregas (Eloy Azorn), is trying to break out of her shell. And so, she bought a new ship which will embark on its maiden voyage delivering cargo. Eva is also single seeing as Nicolas Vasquez (Jon Kortajarena) chose to be with his wife instead. When Eva and Nicolas met and fell in love in the first two seasons, Nicolas had thought his wife was dead after she was captured by Nazis in the Second World War. It is only after he falls in love with Eva that he learns that his wife is alive and waiting for him in Argentina.

In the new season, before Eva is set to board the Barbara de Braganza, she is approached by Brazilian spy Fabio (Marco Pigossi) this may or may not be his real name who asks her for help in finding a dastardly doctor who had developed a deadly virus for the Nazis. Fabio believes that the doctor will be traveling on the Barbara de Braganza as the ship sets sail for Mexico, but he does not know what name the doctor has taken up or what he looks like. He needs Eva's help in accessing passenger records to figure out who the doctor might be so he can arrest him before the ship begins her voyage.

Unfortunately, Eva and Fabio confront the wrong passenger and while he was doing something illegal, he was not going to kill anybody. Before they can find out who the doctor really is, the ship sets sail. It turns out, however, that Fabio's superior who is also on the ship has uncovered something, but before he can tell Eva what it was, he is shot by someone.

Meanwhile, Nicolas is not on the Barbara de Braganza as he is asked by Carolina to captain her ship, whose captain was mysteriously kidnapped before sailing. Nicolas reluctantly agrees he would rather be on the Barbara de Braganza as his wife is on board and a new first officer is sent to replace him. However, it seems like the new First Officer has something suspicious up his sleeves as he begins to plant seeds to take over as the captain.

But that's not the only new mystery. There are two new characters whom we meet Carmen, and her daughter, Diana, who is covered in bandages. We are told that Diana suffered burns and is headed to Mexico for treatment, but we soon learn that Diana is completely alright. In fact, when Diana takes off her bandages, we see Carolina's face! Together, Carmen and Diana subdue the real Carolina and put her in bandages as Diana takes over to get close to Eva. It seems that Carmen and Diana are after the virus as well.

A lot of action takes place within the first two episodes given to reviewers and it looks like the third season will move full steam ahead. There is a lot more at stake in the new season and new characters add new tensions. Sometimes, shows can be accused of being repetitive, but so far, 'High Seas' is proving it has more stories in store for us. The question is, can viewers expect a different ending to Season 3?'High Seas' Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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'High Seas' Season 3 Review: A murder, a deadly virus and new players put Eva on guard but where is Nicolas? - MEAWW

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