High Seas Season 3: Renewed For Third And Fourth Season …

The second run of High Seas just landed on Netflix. And after binge-watching the entire season, the fans started asking about its next run, High Seas Season 3. The viewers are so enthused with the Spanish series that they are longing to know every detail about the show. When will High Seas return for the third season? What will happen? And lots more. Lets take a look at all the updates on High Seas Season 3.

High Seas, or Alta Mar in Spanish, is set on a cruise liner, focusing on two sisters, Eva and Carolina. After the death of their father, the two get on board on a cruise to escape from their high class social life issues. The show features some of the big names of the Spanish Industry. The main cast of High Seas includes Jose Sacristan, Ivana Baquero, Jon Kortajarena, Nicolas, Alejandra Onieva, Eloy Azorin, Manuella Valles, and Chiquinquira Delgado.

Both the seasons of High Seas received quite good reviews from the audience and the critics. Being a Spanish series, High Seas came up like a regular American drama on the streaming service and gained popularity worldwide. In the names of big Spanish TV shows of Netflix, including Money Heist and Cable Girls, the show has achieved enough acclamation among the global fans.

Good News for the fans of Spanish drama. As per Elespanols Bluper section, the show has already been renewed for the third run of the series. Not only this, the fourth season of High Seas is also in development. Moreover, Bambu Productions,behind the show, also reportedly told a Spanish website that the production on the next set of episodes would commence in November. The upcoming 16 episodes will be split into eight episodes queue for each of the seasons. However, Netflix has not made any statement regarding the renewal of High Seas for Season 3, till now.

High Seas Season 3: Plot Details

The second season of High Seas concluded with the cruise arriving in Rio De Janeiro. Also, some of the secrets are left open-ended with the second season itself. Therefore, the upcoming season will likely focus on those. Also, the cruise has dropped its anchor in Rio. Consequently, it is not clear while the next season will continue on the cruise journey or will descend to the city.

Along with this, the show has also taken on quite a paranormal course in the second season too. Therefore, its going to be interesting to see where the story sails to in the third season of the High Seas.

The second season of High Seas just came in November 2019. Therefore, it looks like the audience needs to wait for the next run of Spanish drama to arrive. High Seas Season 3 will arrive most likely by the end of 2020.

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High Seas Season 3: Renewed For Third And Fourth Season ...

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