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Netflix is about to drop the third season of 'High Seas' aka 'Alta Mar' which comes from the makers of Netflix's first Spanish original series, 'Cable Girls'. 'High Seas', like 'Cable Girls' is a historical series and featured women in the lead roles but some of the key differences are that it is set in the aftermath of the World War II and is almost entirely set on the fictional ship, Barbara de Braganza.

In the first season, we met the Villanueva sisters, Eva (Ivana Baquero) and Carolina (Alejandra Onieva), who are headed to Buenos Aires, Argentina for a fresh start in their lives. Eva is an aspiring writer and Carolina is engaged to the ship's co-owner, Fernando Fabregas (Eloy Azorn). Aboard the ship, Eva meets First Officer, Nicolas Vasquez (Jon Kortajarena), a suave man who helps Eva as the ship is soon embroiled in mystery and murder.

Over the course of the first two seasons, Carolina -- the more timid of the sisters -- got married to Fernando, but by the end of Season 2, we were beginning to see that she was reevaluating her marriage and was breaking out of her shell. Meanwhile, Eva and Nicolas fall in love, but their relationship is put in jeopardy when Nicolas learns that his wife -- whom he believed to have died when she was taken by the Nazis -- is still alive.

When we meet the sisters again as the third season starts, one and a half years have passed since the events of the last season. Eva is a successful author, having published her novel, 'Lost Souls', which she wrote aboard the Barbara de Braganza, and Carolina has brought her own ship -- a cargo ship unlike the Barbara de Braganza -- to become more independent. Both sisters are reunited on the Barbara de Braganza when they set sail to Mexico, however, mysterious circumstances make their new voyage perilous again.

Before Eva embarks the ship, she meets Brazilian spy, Fabio (Marco Pigossi), who tells her he needs her help to find out the identity of a Nazi doctor who had developed a deadly virus and is believed to be a passenger on the upcoming voyage. Fabio wants to arrest the doctor before the ship sets sail. However, Eva and Fabio are unable to find the man before the voyage starts, leading to a race against time to find the dangerous man and the deadly virus before the ship reaches Mexico.

Meanwhile, Nicolas is asked to captain Carolina's ship when that ship's captain mysteriously. Nicolas is hesitant because his wife -- who is suffering from PTSD from the war -- is aboard the Barbara de Braganza. But after assurances from Captain Santiago Aguirre (Eduardo Blanco), he agrees. This seems like it was an orchestrated move because the new First Officer seems to be working with Pierre (Daniel Lundh) -- an officer who is reeling from the death of his lover in the previous season -- for some nefarious purpose. Together, they move to try and make Aguirre look like he is losing his mind.

Meanwhile, we are introduced to two other characters -- Carmen, the Villanueva sisters' uncle's friend, and her daughter, Diana, who is fully covered in bandages -- both of whom seem to have hidden purposes of their own.

Before they know it, Eva is embroiled in something that could be much more dangerous than her previous trip on the ship as a murder soon rocks the boat (pun intended). With Nicolas absent on the ship, Eva must rely on Fabio as Carolina is put in a precarious situation. Will they be able to retrieve the virus and avert disaster again?

'High Seas' Season 3 will be available to stream on Netflix on August 7 at 12 AM PST.

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'High Seas' Season 3 Preview: Eva and Carolina need to solve the new mystery before it's too late - MEAWW

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