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High Seas, the period drama, is another title from the list of fan-favorite Spanish originals on Netflix. Other uniformly enticing names on this slate include Cable Girls, Money Heist, and Elite, among others.

The events of High Seas, as the name hints, take place aboard a luxury cruise ship, touring from Spain to Brazil throughout the 1940s. Two sisters are also part of this trip, but things take a wicked turn when a certain death opens up a pandora box of dangerous, dirty secrets.

This foreign-language thriller brings in a different combo of vintage glamour and mystery elements and hence, it did not appear as a surprise when the series renewed for a second season within a brief time. Now the mystery is, will there be a High Seas season 3? Heres what we know about it.

High Seas stars an ensemble cast, showcasing some famous names from the world of Spanish entertainment. We meet Jose Sacristan, who performs the role of the captain of Barbara de Braganza, the vessel, which is the center-stage of all the ensuing drama. Ivana Baquero casts as Eva Villanueva.

Jon Kortajarena performs Nicolas Vasquez, the chief investigating officer, who takes up the burden of determining the murderer on-board. His character in High Seas, Nicolas, is also the love interest of Eva.

Joining the lead cast is Alejandra Onieva as Carolina Villanueva (Evas older sister and fiancee to Fernando), Eloy Azorn as Fernando Fbregas (the ships owner), Manuela Vells as Louisa aka Sofa Plazaola, and Chiquinquir Delgado as Teresa.

The second season of High Seas ended with the cruise coming in Rio De Janeiro. Also, some of the mysteries are left open-ended with the second season itself. Therefore, the forthcoming season will probably concentrate on those. Also, the cruise dropped its anchor in Rio. It is not apparent while the next season will continue on the cruise journey or will fall to the center. The show has also brought on quite a paranormal way in the second season too. Therefore, its going to be exciting to see where the story sails to in the third season of the High Seas.

High Seas season 2 released on Netflix in all its entirety on November 22, 2019. The second season includes eight episodes, just like its predecessor.

The series, before its original launch, had earlier planned for two seasons. And hence, it did not appear as a surprise when the second installment landed within a pause of just six months.

Now, as far as a third season goes, Netflix has not appeared with an announcement yet. The audience reviews are more or less favorable, no doubt. But a new season will depend on whether the creators needed to make it a multi-season story in the first place.

As of now, if Netflix remains to follow its regular airing schedule and chooses to resume the series, we can expect High Seas season 3 to premiere sometime toward theend of2020.


High Seas Season 3: Netflix Release Date, Cast And Other Details - The Digital Wise

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