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As one YouTube commenter put it, the "pretty people on a boat show" is set to return as Netflix's Spanish original, 'High Seas' aka 'Alta Mar', returns in August with its third season. The plots of the first two seasons were almost completely set on the ship, Brbara de Braganza, which was making its way from Spain in Europe to Brazil in South America in the 1940s after the end of the World War II. It seemed like 'High Seas' had everything: Nazis, ghosts, stolen gold, to name a few but the new season is set to take a different direction since the ship docked in Brazil. However, it will still involve the Brbara de Braganza as an important site, albeit with a new mystery and new characters.

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The third season of 'High Seas' / 'Alta Mar' will be available to stream on Netflix on Friday, August 7, at 12 am PST.

After disembarking in Brazil, sisters Eva and Carolina Villanueva find themselves in the middle of a new mystery in Season 3. Viewers might remember that their maid, Francisca fell off the top deck of the boat after it was revealed that Francisca killed Rosa Marin so that Carolina could marry Fernando Fabregas. The final few minutes of the Season 2 finale revealed Francisca was taken in an ambulance to the hospital but we don't know yet whether she survived. Meanwhile, the season's end also brought heartbreak for Eva after Nicolas Vzquez was reunited with his long-lost wife whom he thought was killed by the Nazis during the war.

Perhaps there's new romance lying ahead for Eva. In the promo for the new season, we are introduced to a new character who works for the British government's intelligence service. Eva teams up with this new British spy to uncover someone who is holding a "deadly virus". To stop the man from killing millions, they must find him on the Brbara de Braganza before the ship docks at its destination. While it looks like there may be some romantic developments between Eva and this new character, we are still hoping that Nicolas and her patch up their relationship.

The official synopsis for the new season is as follows: "When the Brbara de Braganza sets sail from Argentina to Mexico, a new mystery emerges again. The Brbara de Braganza sails off Buenos Aires and it will be up to the Villanueva sisters to find and stop a scientist carrying a deadly secret on board."

Ivana Baquero

Ivana Baquero plays the character of Eva Villanueva. She is best known for her roles in Pans Labyrinth and The Shannara Chronicles. In 'High Seas', she plays the role of the inquisitive Eva who steals the heart of the officer, Nicolas, played by Jon Kortajarena. She is instrumental in solving the mysteries on the ship. As such, in Season 3, she is roped in to help solve yet another mystery by a handsome British spy.

Marco Pigossi

Marco Pigossi is a Brazilian actor best known for his work on 'Edge of Desire', 'Land of the Strong', and Netflix's 'Tidelands'. In 'High Seas', he plays the new character of a British spy who ropes in Eva to help uncover a dastardly scientist's plot to release a deadly virus in Mexico.

Alejandra Onieva

Alejandra Onieva is a Spanish actress best known for her roles in 'Ella es tu padre' and 'Presunto culpable'. She plays the role of Carolina in 'High Seas', Eva's older sister who gets married on the ship in the first season.

Jon Kortajarena

Jon Kortajarena is a Spanish actor and model best known for his roles in 'Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga', 'A Single Man', and 'Quantico'. He plays the role of Officer Nicols Vzquez, a suave officer aboard theBrbara de Braganza, who helps Eva with her investigations.

Created by Ramn Campos and Gema R Neira and written by Ramn Campos, Gema R Neira Daniel Martn Serrano, Curro Novallas and Jos Antonio Valverde, the series was directed by Carlos Sedes who also serves as executive producer with Teresa Fernndez Valds and Ramn Campos. The team previously developed Netflix's 'Las Chicas del Cable' aka 'Cable Girls'.

'Cable Girls'


'Grand Hotel'


'Toy Boy'

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'High Seas'/'Alta Mar' Season 3: Release date, plot, cast and all you need to know about the show's return - MEAWW

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