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VIDEO: Danvers & Beverly High Graduations of the Past

Some images from past commencement ceremonies for graduates of Beverly and Danvers High School

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BEVERLY It may have been a sweltering day at Hurd Stadium, but Beverly High Schools 2021 graduates, along with their friends, family members and loved ones, were just happy to be together in the same place celebrating the occasion.

These past four years have been filled with laughs, smiles, tears, a lot of ups, and a lot of downs, said graduating senior Cameron Jones in his welcome address. As a whole weve been through hell; without stating the obvious, our class is very special, and will be forever remembered for our perseverance.

Noting that the senior class has had an uncomfortable and strange year, Jones encouraged each of his peers to enjoy the little things in life.

Try your best to not take them for granted, he urged. Life is too short, and if you dont stop to appreciate it you just might miss it.

Class President Tobey Archibald referenced the many ways in which his bucket list for high school fell short of expectations, with things like junior prom, senior pep rally and a big Thanksgiving game forever left unchecked.

Eventually, he realized the list just needed to be ripped up and thrown away.

Not to say that I believe bucket lists are antiquated and evidently useless, but if there is anything weve learned in the past four years it is that life clearly, and painfully, does not adhere to a certain list, he said. It may feel wrong, and sad, and scary when you cant cross off all of the things that are supposed to make you feel the happiest and have the most fun, but it's so crucial that we all take the time to have the awareness that we just accomplished so much more than what could ever be written down on a bucket list, or taught in a class or heard in a speech.

Mayor Michael P. Cahill congratulated the Class of 2021, noting the incredible struggles the seniors have had to grapple with during a year that was shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic.

You have shown incredible inner strength and resilience as you have been challenged this past year, he said. And I hope, with all my heart, that this will be the silver lining to this past long year, that what you have faced and overcome will have helped prepare you for success and much happiness in your lives ahead.

Without question, the high school experience for members of the Class of 2021 has been far different from those who have graduated from Beverly High School in the past.

A little over a year ago, who would have imagined wearing masks, holding classes in a hybrid model, social distancing and even one-way hallways? said Superintendent Sue Charochak. The past 15 months have all of us learning new ways of communicating, and have led to each of us examining our perspectives about so many things.

Salutatorian Jackson Clark reminded everyone in attendance that as people age, life passes them by faster and faster, a concept that makes some feel anxious, as if they are a small boat in high seas.

It is momentous days like these graduations, big exams, and first days when we find ourselves feeling like small boats in high seas, he said. Undoubtedly, each challenge you overcome will prepare you for the next, and together, our small boats will weather the storm.

Valedictorian Alexia Vayeos implored her peers to do some deep introspection this summer.

Dont be afraid to admit that you messed up in high school or have some (or many) (or a lot of) regrets, she said. Even if you thought you had the perfect high school experience which you probably (no, definitely) didnt consider what you can do to become a better person and make the most of your life. There is a reason most graduations are called commencements. Youre about to start a new chapter in your life, and you can be whoever you want to be.

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Jazlynn Marie Abbott

William Lawrence Adams

William Joseph Adisho

Sarah Jennifer Allushi

Christopher Joseph Almeida

Ali Farazdak Alsahlawi

Jack David Andersen

Sydney Christine Anderson

Jayla Lynne Anderson-Jaber

Colin David Andrew

Tobey Ellis Archibald

Shalissa Marilyn Arias

Austin Tyler Ayer

Joseph John Balkus

Shania Rose Bancroft

Camille Shannon Barror

Julia Ann Barry

Sarah Katherine Barth

Dorothy Rose Bartlett

Jonathan Thomas Bates

Nathaniel Belizaire

Hailey Sara Bello

Mario Anthony Bermudez

Andrew Michael Bernfeld

Kaylee Marie Bettencourt

Virginia Lily Betts

Ivi Biu

Amanda Persis Blanchard

Julia Thi Block

Adolfo Antonio Bonilla

Jordin Lillian Bonilla

Rachel Paige Botte

Carson Frederick Brean

Richard Coelho Brito

Amber Lynn Brook

Alexia Jaelyn Brown

Sofia Deni Bucco

Nicholas Albert Buoniconti

Joshua George Burnett

Matthias Wernaa Butin

Jack Augustus Butterfield

Justin Robert Butters

Christian Michael Butterworth

Bryn Meredith Cafferty

Justin William Cahill

Eamon Joseph Callaghan

Nathan James Campbell

Grace Yuan Carella

Samantha Lyn Carnevale

Julia Rose Carpenter

Ariane Catherine Chanda

Zachary Daniel Charette

Emily Marija Chase

Emma Catherine Clark

Jackson McCaffrey Clark

Erin Suzanne Clark

Sarah Ann Codding

Cassidy Ann Coe

Clayton Thomas Gregory Cogswell

Nicholas Landan Cole

Anthony John Coletti

Dariangelys Colon

Gabriel Josue' Colon

Yaniel Olmo Concepcion

Kolton Philip Cook

Lily Rose Cook

Travis Michael Coombs

Annalise Rachel Cormier

Maya Marie Cormier

Brett Anthony Costa

Hannah Margaret Costa

Kevin Francis Costa

Emma Rose Costain

Griffin Matthew Coyne

Rosemary Abigail Cunney

Anne Elizabeth Curtin

Robson Antonio Da Silva Jr.

Kelsi Susan DalBon

Julieann Damas DaSilva

Ryan Tyler Day

Madison Judith Delano

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Beverly High graduates encouraged to enjoy the little things, do some deep introspection - Wicked Local

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