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Iissued by the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department, Port Vila at 12:10am VUT Tuesday 11 February 2020.

At 11:00pm local time, the Tropical Cyclone UESI (Cat2) with the central pressure estimated at 976hPa was located at 17.6S 162.4E. The system is positioned at the center of square letter B, number 7 (B,7) of the Vanuatu Tropical Cyclone Tracking map. This is about 560 KM west southwest of Malekula. Winds close to the center of the system are estimated at 90KM/HR (50Knots). In the past 6 hours, tropical cyclone UESI was moving in a southwest direction at 10 KM/HR.

Damaging gale force winds of 75KM/HR with gusting up to 105KM/HR within 100 nautical miles from its center while destructive storm force winds of 90KM/HR gusting to 130KM/HR within 30 nautical miles from its center are expected tonight and tomorrow.

Forecast Positions Date and Time Position Intensity+06 hours (5am, 11 Feb) 18.1S, 162.3E 60 KTS (110 KM/HR)+12 hours (11am, 11 Feb) 18.6S, 162.3E 60 KTS (110 KM/HR)+18 hours (5pm, 11 Feb) 19.1S, 162.3E 70 KTS (130 KM/HR)+24 hours (11pm, 11 Feb) 19.6S, 162.3E 60 KTS (110 KM/HR)+36 hours (11am, 12 Feb) 20.6S, 162.3E 50 KTS (95 KM/HR)+48 hours (11pm, 12 Feb) 21.6S, 162.0E 50 KTS (95 KM/HR)+60 hours (11am, 13 Feb) 22.8S, 161.3E 40 KTS (75 KM/HR)+72 hours (11pm, 13 Feb) 24.0S, 160.3E 40 KTS (75 KM/HR)

Rainfalls will be heavy with flash flood over low lying areas and areas close to river banks, including coastal flooding expected about the islands of the northern and parts of the central provinces. The marine strong wind warning is current for all Vanuatu coastal waters, while High seas warning is current for the central waters.

Very rough to phenomenal seas and heavy to phenomenal swells expected to continue to affect the western parts of the northern and central waters tonight and tomorrow and extending to southern waters thereafter. People, including sea going vessels are strongly advised not to go out to sea until the system has moved out of the area.

The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) advises that Blue Alert is now imposed for SHEFA and TAFEA province. For actions on these alerts, call NDMO on 22699 or 33366.

The Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department is closely monitoring the system and will issue the next Advisory at 6:00am or ealier if the situation changes. People throughout Vanuatu are advised to continue to listen to Radio Vanuatu and all other Radio outlets to get an update information on this system.

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Advisory Number 4 on the Tropical Cyclone UESI - Vanuatu - ReliefWeb

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