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Cruising on the high seas quickly becomes the best choice for travelers. Accommodation, meals and flights bundled in one with the added bonus that you dont have to drag luggage back and forth to airports or train stations, is the main reason why cruising becomes a much more efficient and cheaper way of traveling.

From boarding the big ship to finding your way through the interior and finally to your room with endless sea views is an exciting time.

In all this craziness, however, it is important to remember that the staff is there to help you, so showing a high level of respect, as you would do to someone else, is of the utmost importance, otherwise you can bring hot water!

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At the start of the cruise, according to the law, the staff will carry out a drill drill in an emergency. Cruise Critic agrees that yes, it is not the most ideal start to a vacation, but it is a safety measure that must be respected. If you are not present, you will be penalized by the staff.

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Usually being sick falls outside of our control, but it does happen. If employees discover for any reason that you are ill, they will either restrict you to quarantine in your room or tell the captain to move to the next port and ask you to leave.

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PO Cruises suggests that bringing illegal smuggling on board is almost illegal and can have serious consequences if staff find out. Of course you are there to enjoy yourself, but it is important to follow the rules, otherwise you may be fired in the next port.

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This is a bit strange, but it does happen. It has turned out that passengers present themselves as crew members, which you cannot imagine. Cruise passenger says that if a passenger occurs, a passenger is subject to a high fine, imprisonment in a cell on board or even arrested.

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No, not literally. If you throw food and other items overboard, you land in a crew with warm water. Although it is technically not illegal, CN Traveler says it is not good for the environment, nor does it look good to throw things off the ship, and no one will look twice if you are thrown overboard in the next port.

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This is a no-brainer. Any physical or verbal abuse against a crew member leads to immediate discharge from the ship. Listen to the staff when they are there to help you and others stay safe, and if you disagree with something, be respectful and express your opinion in a cool, peaceful way.

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When cruise ships dock at the port, guests alight and explore the city; most opt for an organized tour with a ship agent, but others choose to travel individually. If you are not back by the time the ship has to leave, you will stay behind.

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We all love that elusive selfie and some just wont stop until they have the best possible. Although there are many places aboard a cruise ship to take a selfie that can go viral, attempting to climb to those places is very risky. If the crew notices this, you can take legal action.

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There is perhaps no more romantic vacation than a cruise. However, you must remember that you are in a room with a paper thin wall and your neighbor can hear almost anything. If the crew passes by and hears your ins and outs, they will knock and ask you to keep it low. Solution? Turn the shower on beforehand!

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Refusing to be screened when entering the ship is a sign that you are hiding something. Even if nothing is found on your person during her screening process, refusal sends alarm bells to all crews and now they must spend the entire cruise to keep a close eye on you, per CN Traveler.

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Any threat is considered to be a reason to have you and the traveling party removed from the ship. Even if you are at the bar and really enjoy yourself, you shouldnt call a fake threat because they now have to handle the threat procedure and with you.

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The unwillingness to present travel documents, just like refusing to be screened, is nothing but alarm bells for staff. According to Cruise Critic, it is simply unnecessary to make the staff and fellow passengers wait longer than necessary. Be a hero and be prepared.

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Cruise companies organize their own journeys and it may take a little extra to go, but at least you know the service will be reliable and on time. Crews do not like passengers who organize their own journeys because they are sometimes unreliable and are back to the ship late.

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Theft on board, just like on shore, is very illegal and will cause you to be kicked off the ship and ultimately to an arrest. There are CCTV cameras around every corner, so you will be caught and treated by the crew until they can hand you over to the police.

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Cruise ships are a way for people trying to enter a country illegally. CN Traveler reported that ports have recently tightened security and border control, but if a crew member discovers that you are attempting this highly illegal activity, the border authorities will be notified of your upcoming arrival.

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We are all happy to ask questions; some more than others, but crew members, while they are there to help you in every way possible, also have many other guests to help. Staff say that those who ask nonsense waste their time. Use common sense before you ask a crew member.

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Afraid of your money, it is arguably at the top of everyones holiday list, which is why cruising is quickly becoming popular. Everything you need in one place is sufficient, but it is those guests who just expect too much to annoy the crew. If you want more, pay more. Easy.

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Asking stupid questions is one thing, but if you only listen to the staff when you ask questions, you and the crew are much better off because no one answers the same questions more than once. Again, the staff is there for your comfort, but do not abuse them and hammer them with questions.

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Tipping is almost a religion in the US, in Europe it is optional and especially in Asia, Japan, it is considered disrespectful. It all comes down to where you sail, but crews are not paid very well and if their service is worthy, give them a few extra dollars!

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Respect for staff must be common sense. The staff is there to help you and they will do everything to make you feel at ease, so treat them like your other friends and who knows, there may be a few extra chocolates in your room after this is made up!

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20 things everyone gets in hot water with the cruise ship staff - Mash Viral

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