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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for DCeased #6 by Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, Stefano Gaudiano, Rain Beredo and Saida Temofonte, in stores now.

The end of the DC Universe began in the opening pages of DCeased #1. After Darkseid discovered the other half of the Anti-Life Equation could be found in Cyborg, the Lord of Apokolips kidnapped Victor Stone and took him to his home planet to extract themissing piece from the superhero. However, to make sure the Anti-Life Equation would be safely collected, Darkseid called upon the Black Racer to help. Unfortunately, the process created something else entirely: a deadly zombie virus able to travel through technology. Darkseid and Apokolips were the virus' first victims, but it wouldn't stop there.

Before long, it found its way to Earth and infected human civilization through the Internet. No one was safe from this virus -- not even superheroes such as Batman, Aquaman, the Flash and even Superman. The virus systematically took out the biggest superheroes in the world, with only a handful left to save what people they could.

Throughout the rapid fire of death and destruction, it seems there was never any time to try and figure out if there was a cure for this virus. But as DCeased #6 reveals, there actually is one. Or rather, there was.

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In DCeased's final chapter, the remaining heroes plan to evacuate the Earth with two spaceships filled with millions of survivors. But before they can do so, they must defeat an infected Superman, who can easily destroy both Arks. To take out the Man of Steel, Wonder Woman builds a new weapon and takes the fight directly to him. Unfortunately, while she manages to wound him, he reciprocates by infecting the Amazon Princess. With another powerful hero down, Cyborg uses Wonder Woman's own lasso against her, in order to subdue her.

Thanks to the magic lasso's abilities, Cyborg is able to get some answers. Compelling the twisted Anti-Life Equation infected Wonder Woman to tell the truth, Cyborg learns that there a cure for the virus does indeed exist. "The cure is in you," she tells him. "You are man and machine," she explains. "You are binary. Off and on. Patient zero and the one. The alpha. The omega."

While this revelation is shocking, it also makes a lot of sense. The virus was created in Cyborg, which means that the way to stop it is also inside of him -- he just never had the knowledge or the time to figure it out.

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Unfortunately, Cyborg will be the only one who ever knows that he is the cure. As soon as he learns the answer, he means to contact the Arks. However, the infected Wonder Woman frees herself from the lasso, and proceeds to rip Victor's head off, dumping his body in a ravine, which gives the series the kind of nihilistic ending usually reserved for horror films.

With Cyborg now dead, the only hope of getting rid of the zombie virus is now gone. What survivors there are have now left the Earth behind to settle onto a new planet. They may be safe for now, but the threat of the virus still looms. Somehow, it may also find its way back into the wider universe, if it hasn't already.

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Cyborg Is the Cure for DCeaseds Zombie Virus - Or At Least He WAS - CBR - Comic Book Resources

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