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Actions speak louder than words so lets break down Justin Gaethjes fights one by one.

Gaethjes UFC debut: Comeback of the Year, Fight of the Year. Rocked with some of the most flush strikes in Michael Johnsons career only to land a KO blow with such exhaustion, it took multiple attempts to land his signature backflip off the cage celebration.

Gaethje vs Alvarez: World MMA Awards 2017 Fight of the Year. Even in a loss, Gaethjes fight style was what made that Eddie Alvarezs most exciting fight of his prolific career. It took a serious of fight ending blows and possibly a top three all-time knee to take out the man impervious to being knocked out

Gaethje vs Poirier: EVERYBODYS 2018 fight of the year. One of the best matchups in UFC history. The unsung striker who has been around the block repeatedly vs Justin Gaethje. A man anybody can predict but nobody looks good against. The greatest brawl of 2018 and both mens careers had everything but groundwork and half-speed. Even multiple eye pokes on both ends wasnt enough to strip the men of their striking attacks or sportsmanship. It was fight of the year without having any prefight chatter to build it up. No ill will needed. Just everything Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje had to offer. Although Gaethje lost despite being 1 leg kick away from a TKO victory, per Poiriers words, it was a career defining battle on both ends that showed that second best wouldnt be good enough for either man no matter what.

Gaethje vs Vick: For the first time since his UFC debut Gaethje was being verbally attacked prefight and it was the same old song. Gaethje sat calmly while Vick dug himself a deeper hole. Although he coined the most appropriate nickname of all time when referring to Gaethje, The Homer Simpson of MMA, Gaethje landed his fastest knockout in 4 years. It doesnt pay to think that just because Gaethje is predictable, means he isnt a threat.

Gaethje vs Barboza: The brawl that had potential of being the most violent brawl in UFC history. Edson Barboza, fresh off the hardest to watch fight in UFC history where he treated Dan Hooker like his personal heavybag, against a walking heavybag who was back in the W column. The man who strikes the hardest vs the man who welcomes the pain. Gaethje was staring down the barrel of yet another Fight of the Year award. Only issue, hes too good. Gaethje knocked out Barboza inside the first round.

After the fight, Gaethje voiced his frustration with the UFCs rankings naming fellow BMF, Cowboy Cerrone, by name.

As you wish!

Gaethje vs Cowboy: Another brawl that had the potential of being the most violent brawl in UFC history ended similar. Cowboy dished out and received the best strikes he could pack into 2:30 but yet again, Gaethje was just too much as he notched his 9th first round stoppage.

Now Gaethje is calling for the UFC title and with his stat sheet, its hard to argue against it. Tony, Khabib, start prepping for Justin Gaethje because title or not, hes coming and hes bringing a war because theres flat out nobody who can survive the beatings Gaethje will.

Hes won by slam, hes won by punch, hes won by leg kick, doctor stoppage, elbows and more. Whatever can make a fight exciting, The Highlight has already done it better than your favorite fighter.

Check out the smallest, but most effective video resume so far. Tune in and wonder how does he do this? over and over and over again:

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BMF Resume: Justin Gaethje - The Official Website of the Ultimate Fighting Championship

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