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The marshmallow study is the longest running human study ever made. Toddlers were given marshmallows and told if they dont eat it in 10 minutes while they're by themselves with the marshmallow, they will be given 2 marshmallows. 90% of toddlers ate the marshmallow and failed. Later in life the 10% who didn't eat the marshmallow had better lives, longer marriages, and financial stability. While the other 90% had the opposite outcomes. Bitcoin is doing the same I see now. Those of us who can resist short term happiness from the money we put in now can let it grow for long term gains.

The study found the biggest difference in the kids was the 90% that ate the marshmallow looked at it constantly, causing them to eat it. The 10% who didn't eat it, distracted themselves by looking away from it. So psychologically the answer to their results was to forget about/ignore their short term happiness to be able to make it to the long term gain. So if you want the best odds at doing the same with btc, ignore it when it's down from your buying point, & ignore it when it's up to in general. Psychologically if you look at it while it's up or down, you'll be tempted to withdraw.

Don't take the short term happiness in sacrifice for your long term gains/financial freedom.

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Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet r/Bitcoin - reddit

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